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Ohio Savings Community Bank Rewards Visa Card is issued by Citi bank. It can be used at Ford Service Stations. It has low credit card requirements and no introductory APR rate is charged. Normal APR rate is N/A. Ohio Savings Community Bank Rewards Visa Card cash advance APR rate is N/A. Cash advance fee is N/A. No annual fee is required.Ohio Savings Community Bank Rewards Visa Card

Ohio Savings Community Bank Rewards Visa Card login

– Open the login homepage of the Ohio Savings Community Bank Rewards Visa Credit Card. On reaching the web page search for the “Login” widget towards the top left of the page.

– Fill in your user id in the blank space and then press the “Log In” button to proceed with the sign in.

– After your account has been checked you will be lead to input your password. Hit on “Submit” and the user will be directed to their account dashboard from where they can access the desired credit services.


– If card users have forgotten user id then you should navigate to the login homepage and then select the “Retrieve User ID” link located towards the bottom left of the “Sign-On” section.(For direct access to the user id reset page, click here Link ).

– Then enter the following information: Card Number, Name as it Appears on the Card, Security Code, Last 4 Digits of the Primary Card Holder’s, SSN

Forgot Password

– Go to the homepage of the First Bankcard and then select the “Forgot Id/Password” link from the basement of the login widget. (For direct access to the password reset page click here Link.)

– Then you will be navigated to a new web page where you are required entering the requested personal info and User ID or your Email Address in the section underneath.


– There is no annual fee is related to the card

– You will earn bonus points for every dollar spent through the card

– 0.00% introductory APR for the first 12 monthly statements

Application criteria

Users must be 18 years of age and above

– The Users must be a citizen of the United States

– Users must be a member of the Ohio Savings Bank

 How to apply

– Go to the application homepage (firstbankcard.com) of the bank and then search for the “Enroll” link in the Services menu.

– Press on it and the user will be directed to the application screen from where you can apply for the Ohio Savings Community Bank Rewards Visa Credit Card.

How to check status

– Those who are interested in checking their application status should go to the homepage of the First Bankcard and then look for the “View enrollment Status” link towards the top right of the screen. (For directly approaching the enrollment status screen click here Link.)

– Press on the link and you will be navigated to a new page. In order to check the status of your credit card fill the following details which include Personal Credit Card Sign Up: ZIP code, Last Four Digits of SSN, Home Phone Number and Commercial Credit Card Application: Business ZIP code, Last Four Digits of SS, Business Phone Number.

Cancel credit card

Call customer service 888-295-5540 to close the account.

To make payment

– Choose the “Credit Card Payment” option from the homepage of the Fist Bankcard.

– Log in or enroll in online banking and then press on the “Make a Payment” option which is situated on the account dashboard.

Activate card

You can activate your credit card either through the online portal or by calling at (1-800-528-4800).

– To start with, the activation opens the home screen of the First Bank Card and then search for the “Services” option towards the right of the page(For directly approaching the activation screen click here Link .)

– Hit the link and a drop down menu will appear on the screen from where you should choose the “Activate Credit Card” link to go further with the activation.

–  If you are not enrolled in Online Banking then you have to fill in the application process. You will be prompted to activate your card in the end of enrollment wizard. Customers who have already enrolled in Online Banking should log into their account and then choose ‘Activate Your Card’.  From the ‘Action Items’ box or from the ‘Account Services’ link on the left side of the page. If your cards have already been activated then you will not see this option.

Customer service

Customer Service Team: 888-295-5540

Report a Lost or Stolen Card: 888-295-5540

User ID or Password Help: 888-295-5540

Hearing Impaired Customers with TDD

Equipment: 855-827-9660.

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