About Card Gist

Looking for a Household name when it comes to credit card login, activation, and payment online, then, look out for Cardgist.com. We will sort out issues with your credit card. From credit card payment, to ‘Forgot your Password’, to login-related issues to paying online and how to create an online account.

Our vision is to help solve all issues related to credit cards and also to help you see the best credit card that serves your purpose.

So many credit card users come with different needs. Come and follow this blog to see the financial card that meets your goals.

Why “Card Gist”? We at Cardgist.com believe that direction is better than speed. What is the profit of taking the stress to get a credit card only to notice you‘ve gotten the wrong card? We want to help feed you with the requisite information you need before, during, and after obtaining your credit card.

Who Is Card Gist?

Card Gist was founded by Gist Donald. You can see more on our Cardgist  Youtube.com page and Twitter handles TikTok and Instagram.

Gist Donald has spent most of his early life analyzing and reviewing several financial institutions and their products. Card Gist is one of the products of his wealth of financial experience.

Card Gist will always keep a keen eye on what is new, what is real, what is good (as well as discourage what is bad), and what best suits you. This will cover credit cards, credit scoring, rewards, etc.

Will that be all? No! We also contribute expert advice and commentary, personal finance news stories, and features from other online publications.

For those having issues with their bank card, or bank card account login and payment issues, you can visit our Trouble Shooting page here to get those issues resolved.

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