Investing your money rightly is the surest way to secure your future. Banking on eTrade has helped online traders to take control of their finances and to make the best investment choices.

eTrade provides professional guidance to traders through their regularly updated website. They provide users with the latest research and insight to create the strongest eTrade Portfolios. You can access these services using their “Helping you Build” option which includes easy-to-use tools like screeners and analyzers that will help you make more informed financial decisions, they also have online tutorials to help you get started.

eTrade Complete Protection Guarantee provides an additional layer of security that protects your privacy, your assets, and every transaction you make in your eTrade securities and bank accounts.

eTrade Portfolio Login has provided all the relevant information at their homepage at in addition to the option of Customer Service Online. However, if you still cannot find your required material, simply type your keywords into their search bar at the top middle right corner of the page.


Make more informed financial decisions today by opening an eTrade Account! Simply follow the steps below:

  • Open the following URL in your web browser
  • You have now accessed eTrades’ official homepage
  • At the top right corner, you will see an option “Open an Account” in a green bar just beneath logon, right-click the green bar
  • Just as you will click the green bar, you will be taken to a new page with the heading “Choose Your Account”
  • Choose your account type from the options listed below and click continue
  • Ensure you have the following details: Residential address, Date of Birth, Social Security Number or EIN and Employer name and address
  • Then you can start filling out the form which is further divided into four categories
  • Once you reach the end of your application, a confirmation email will be sent to you from eTrade.
  • By signing in to your email account and opening eTrades’ email, confirm and activate your account by clicking on the URL sent in the email
  • The URL will take you to their secure customer login page.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Only choose to tick the “Remember me” option if you are using your own secured personal computer or device.
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Once you have successfully logged in into the system, you can choose to log out at any time.

Additional layer of security:

It is important to know the secure login procedures when it comes to sensitive businesses such as online investing and trading to avoid hacking or other phishing scams online. eTrade Portfolio Login may also utilize a third-party information provider for verification purposes or ask for a copy of your driver’s license or other identifying documents to help reduce money laundering activities.

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