Dealing With a Card That Is Not Yours On a Credit Report

Knowing how dealing with a card that is not yours on a credit report is crucial because it can affect your credit score negatively. It is strongly advised, that you check your credit report at least once a year, so you can discover any accounts that do not belong to you but appears on your report.Card That Is Not Yours

Reasons Why A Card That Is Not yours May Appear On Your Credit Report

Human error sometimes can be the reason why wrong accounts show up on your credit report. This may be so if someone transposed the numbers in your social security number, or there’s someone with a similar name to yours, which has gotten your profiles mixed up. Also, it might be as a result of fraud or identity theft, (someone may have opened a credit account in your name).

How To Remove False Accounts.

The first step to take is to order your credit report from the three major credit bureaus; Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. If you have already ordered one, pull the other two credit reports to see if those reports contain fraudulent accounts too.

Secondly, dispute the account with the credit bureau that has the account listed on your credit report. This can be done online, via phone or email.

Through the Federal law, you have the right to file a lawsuit against a credit bureau that fails to stick to the law. If you have any proof supporting your claim, you can mail, fax or upload such. Ensure you send a copy and not your original documents.

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Add a fraud alert to your credit report if you feel there’s a chance the thief could open more accounts using your name.

You can dispute the account also with the company that listed the account on your credit report. Has the account closed to forestall future billings made to the account in your name? If the company flags the account as fraud, it will help to get it removed from your credit report.

What To Do If The Account Is Not Removed

In case your dispute is not successful, it may because the business confirmed to the credit bureau that the account belongs to you. Once this happens, you are to work with the business to prove the account is fraudulent. Speak with a manager, supervisor, or even a vice president or the president at the company, and provide adequate evidence that the account is not yours.

You can also complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to help get the fraudulent account removed from your credit report.

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