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Credit Card Cheapoair Credit Card Login – Payment, Support, Apply

Cheapoair Credit Card Login – Payment, Support, Apply

This article will unveil to you key details and information about CheapOair Credit Card. Most users label it as credit card, and others calls it MasterCard, but it is still the same service.

Are you a cardholder? Then, read on to get all the tips needed to access your account online, make payments, and reach customer service support for questions that border you.

This card is from the stable of Chase Bank. You can always contact Chase Bank for any issue that has to do with this card.

There are three ways to make your card payment. You can select either of them depending on what suits you. You can make your credit card payments online, by phone or through mail. Payment online, and over the phone are the easiest format:

Log in to Your Credit Card Account Online

  • Online: Most people prefer via online because of the ease and speed. You can make your Card payment by logging your Credit Card online account. Enter your correct username and password to gain access.

Customer Service – Help & Pay By Phone

  • Phone: For those in poor or no internet coverage, using the phone option becomes the wisest choice. To make your payment over the phone, dial the customer service number 877-375-1153.

You will need to keep your card number along with your Social security number handy. Certainly, the automated machine will demand for it. Listen carefully and follow the guide promptly.

  • Mail: Mailing is the last option and reliable. You can make your credit card payment via mail. Simply send a check or money order using the following address:

Credit Card

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P.O. Box 71710

Philadelphia, PA 19176-1710

Note: Users of this card are advised to attend the hints below to avoid processing delays when you send your check or money order:

  • Cash is not acceptable.
  • Enter correctly the 16-digit card number on the memo line
  • Avoid the use of staples or clips
  • Don’t fold checks when send.
  • Only use one check per payment

The disadvantage of making payment via mail is the time it takes. It takes the longest time to post. When you want to make your payments, you are advised to always send payments at least 5-7 working days before your due date.

You can use our comment box if you are having issues understanding any part of these guild. Or, better still, you can choose to visit the service provider using the contact above.


It is a credit card issued by Synchrony Bank. It has good credit card requirements and no introductory APR rate is charged. Normal APR rate varies at 16.49 – 24.49 and no annual fee is charged. You just need a Credit Card Login to access the online account.Cheapoair Credit Card


– Users get 6 points for every dollar spent on Homepage and 2 points/dollar elsewhere.

–  APR rate varies from 16.49 to 26.49% based on credit worthiness.

Application criteria

User must be at least 18 years of age.

– The User should have a valid account.

– User should not have any field for bankruptcy.

How to apply 

Visit the homepage. Scroll to ‘apply today’ button and click it.

– You will be required to enter the following Data; first name, last name, email address, address 1,address 2, phone number, city, zip code, date of birth.

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– Read the terms and conditions and confirm that the software equipment is accurate.

How to check status
those who are interested in checking their application status should call the company 1-800-566-2345 and provide their account reference number.

Cancel credit card

Call:1-800-566-2345 to close an account.

Credit Card Login Online

Log in to the online account at Homepage, and then Click on the login section below the left section of the homepage.

Enter the username in the blank spaces below and select ‘Secure Login’ button.

Once your username is confirmed, you will be allowed to enter a password.

Forgot User ID

Users who have misplaced their user id should open the login homepage of the and then click on “Lookup User ID” link located just below the “Secure Login” button.

Then you will be directed to a new webpage. Enter your Account Number and Last four digits of Social Security Number to reset your ID.

Forgot Password

Users that desire to retrieve their password should visit the password reset page using the link above. Enter your Account Number in the blank space and then press “Next”. Confirm your account and you will be allowed to select a new Password.

Users that forgot their password should select the ‘forgot password’ at the bottom of the login page of the bank.

Enter your username in the page you will be transferred to and provide the required security details in the blank space provided and click ‘submit’ to get a new password.

To make payment

– User should log into their credit card account following the guidelines mentioned above. Once logged in, you will find the “Payments” button on the account dashboard.

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– The user can also authorize an auto debit that enables the credit card company to directly collect the bills from your registered bank account.

Activate card

Call the customer service on 1-800-566-2345 to activate the account.

Customer service

Call 1-800-566-2345 to get to a customer care agent.

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