Chase Slate Credit Card Review

Chase Slate Credit Card Review


It is a credit card issued by Chase Bank. Chase Slate Credit Card Login can be used at any Airfare, Hotels and everywhere Visa is accepted. It has good credit card requirements and no introductory APR rate is charged for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers. Normal APR rate varies from 13.24 – 23.24 and no annual fee are charged. You simply need Chase Slate Credit Card Login to access your online account.


Users will have no need to pay any balance transfer fee when they transfer a balance during the first 60 days opening the account. After the first 60 days, users account is open; the fee for balance transfers will be 5% of the amount transferred, with a minimum of $5.

– Users will have access to check their monthly FICO Score. They can as well monitor and better understand the five main attributes that drive credit health all for free with Slate.

– 0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers from account opening.  After that, 13.24%–23.24% variable APR.

– There is no annual fee required.

– There is no penalty APR.

 Application criteria

  • User must be 18 years of age and above.
  • The User must be a resident of the United States.
  • User should have a valid social security number

How to apply

– Visit the homepage ( Scroll to ‘apply today’ button and click it.

– You will be required to enter the following details; the Legal name of the business, Mailing Address 1, Mailing Address 2, Apartment, City, State, Zip code. Read the terms and conditions and confirm that the software equipment is accurate.

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How to check the status

Those who are interested in checking their application status should call the company 1-800-432-3117 and provide their account reference number.

Cancel credit card

Call  1-800-432-3117 to close the account.

Chase Slate Credit Card Login Online

– Log in to the online account (

– Enter the username and password in the blank spaces below and select ‘login’

Forgot password

  • Card users that forgot their password should select the ‘forgot password’ at the bottom of the login page of the bank.
  • Enter your username in the page you will be transferred to and provide the requested security details in the spaces provided and click ‘submit’ to get a new password.

To make payment

  • Login to the webpage and select ‘make payments’ to begin to pay using the card.
  • You can allow an auto debit from your bank account directly which the credit card service will bill you.

Activate card

To activate a credit card, users will have to go to the credit card’s

homepage and click on ‘Not enrolled? Sign up Now’.

Automatically, users will be taken to a new page where they have to first select the type of account they would like to access and then provide their ‘Chase account, credit or debit card number’ and ‘Social Security Number’.

Finally, users will have to select the User ID they would like to use when they access their accounts online and users will also create their own password on the next page.

Customer service

Call 1-800-432-3117 to get to a customer care agent.

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