Bank Of The West Credit Card Login | Apply For Card Now

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Bank Of The West Credit Card Login | Apply For Card Now

Card features

This is a card that is used by travel lovers, roadside insurance clients, and other shopping purchases. It is issued by the bank of the west with a low credit requirement.Bank Of The West Credit Card Login

There are no introductory charges for a couple of months and the normal advance rate is quoted at 15.24%-23.24%. No available options for cash advance fee and advance rate and it charges no annual fee. Bank of the West Credit Card Login is what gives you access to these benefits.


it is a low-interest rate card and you can use it to finance your day to day expenses at gas stations/grocery stores. Benefits of using this card include;

  • No annual fee charge for usage.
  • No introductory charges for purchase under 6 months.
  • It can be used at any travel and roadside insurance.
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Application criteria / how to apply for Bank of the West Credit Card Login

They user should be 18years and above.

Have an issued photo ID.

Be a resident of the United States with a valid social security number.

And a transparent credit card records.

Below are the steps to follow in applying for bank of the west credit card

  • Visit the homepage (, view the FAQ’s and click “start Application”.
  • Fill in your general information page: select your age, state of residence.
  • Select any of the bank credit card offers (platinum master card or platinum priority rewards master card). Read the instructions and continue.
  • Complete the form and click on submit. You will receive a confirmation mail.

How to check application status

You check your status by contacting the online team (269-2327).

How to cancel Application

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You can cancel application by calling customer service

Bank Of The West Credit Card Login

By logging into your account, you can view account statement, set up account alerts and update account information. You can login by these steps.

  • Go to the homepage (bank of the west .com), navigate to the credit card column. Go to “sign in” at the right center of the page.
  • Fill in your username and password and click “sign in”.

Forgot password

  • Go to login page and click on “Forgot your username” link.
  • You will be asked to choose your type of account (personal or business account), select whether you have a social security number and the bank of the west credit card number.
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How to make payment

  • Login to your account. on the dash board click on the “payment” button.
  • You can select whether to auto debit (allow the credit card company to debit you from your bank directly).

How to activate card

Call customer service to activate

Customer service


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