ADP is an American business service provider. They provide services such as human resource management, payroll services, human capital management, time and attendance, retirement plans, insurance services, tax and compliance, and administration services to their customers.Asplundh Employee Portal

The company was founded in 1949 in New Jersey. ADP provides business solutions to all types of businesses including small, mid-sized, large, and multi-national businesses. ADP also offers employers and employees a prepaid Visa card known as Aline Card, which gives them an easy, convenient way of getting their pay instead of paychecks. You can learn how to activate the card and the benefits that come with it by reading further below.


You need to activate your ADP Aline card on their website. To activate your card,

  • Go to Aline Card Homepage at
  • Also, Click ‘ACTIVATE MY CARD’.
  • Then, enter your card number in the required field and click ‘’
  • Afterward, enter your personal information correctly. Once the verification of your provided information and the card number is complete your card will be activated, and you will be able to manage your card online.


After activating your ADP Aline Card, you can enjoy many benefits which include:

  • Activity alerts: You can set up email and messaging alerts about any activity related to your card. This way, you can get to know as soon as your payment arrives in your account or some amount is withdrawn using your card. The alerts about balance and transactions are sent daily.
  • Transaction Alerts: By downloading and installing ADP free mobile app, you can easily manage your card anywhere and anytime you want. You also get balance and transaction alerts through your mobile app. Moreover, you can set low balance alerts so that you might be aware of your emptying credit.
  • Bill Payments: The Aline Card can be used to pay bills in shopping stores wherever Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted. Bills can also be paid by phone or through an online account. Money can be withdrawn from ATMs using your Aline Card.
  • Easy top-up: Adding money to your Aline Card is very simple. You can deposit cash to your Aline Card through thousands of retailers across the country. Money is added when you get to pay for jobs. You can also get money on your Aline Card through govt-provided benefits and tax returns.


After you have activated your card and created your ADP Aline Card account at, you can manage your card by logging in. Aline card login is a very simple and easy process and does not require much effort.

  • First, go to the Aline login page here:
  • There you will see a sign-in box at the top right of the webpage.
  • Also, Enter your ‘Username’ or ‘Card Number’ in the required field and click ‘Sign In’.
  • On the next page, you have to enter your password to verify your identity. Enter the ‘Password’ and click ‘Continue’. Username and password can be recovered by calling (877)273-4321.

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