Academy Credit Card Login Details | Academy Credit Card Online Registration

Academy credit card is issued by the US Bank. It can be used at the academy sports stores. This card is a sport outdoor credit card.

In every $1 purchase made at the academy stores, the user stands the chance of winning 5 reward points. The card charges no annual fee and charges a cash advance APR Rate of 0% for the first 12 billing circles. Academy Credit Card Login

The card is rated low as it charges a cash advance fee of 24.24%, a normal rate of say, between 11.49% to 23.49%. Users of Academy Credit Card pay their bills at ease by a login portal provided through the academy’ website.


  • Users of academy credit card are sure of 5 points on every $1 spent, provided visa card is accepted there.
  • One can earn as much as 1000 bonus points on his first purchase with the academy visa credit card.
  • Academy credit card has no annual fee attached to it.
  • A user stands the chance to also win 2 points on every $1 spent at the gas station.
  • The academy charges 0% on introductory APR for 12months.


Application For Academy Credit Card / Checking Of Status

The online application portal which academy credit card provides makes its lovers and potential customers find it very easy to apply for a new card or more cards without stress or delay, and no paper is wasted but kept for some other things.

One of the benefits of the online application is that it helps customers view their existing sign up advantages. Secondly, the customers also receive their cards on time and at ease.

Criteria For Application of Academy Credit Card Login

  • To apply for academy credit card, the applicant must attain the acceptable age of 18 years.
  • He/she must be residing in the United States of America
  • The applicant must have a recognized ID
  • Finally, must have a clear credit record.

Method Of Application | Academy Credit Card Online Registration

The following are the steps required for a successful application;

  • The number one step is to login to the home page being(, the homepage will ask you to click on ‘apply now’
  • A Sign up form will be provided, where you after reading the terms and conditions, have to click on continue, if you click on continue, it means you have accepted that you can access electronic disclosures
  • The next thing is to enter the required details which has to do your name, account number, address, email, etc. when this is done, patiently wait for your card which would be sent in just a period of 7 working days.
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How To Check Application Status Academy Credit Card

Academy credit card customer care line is always available for complaints. If any applicant deems it fit to cancel his request for whatsoever reason, he can get the customer care on 1-888-922-2336. You will be requested to provide his application reference number. Same as when an applicant wants to CANCEL his credit card

Academy Credit Card Login And Bill Payment Option.

Having access to your credit line online gives you control over all credit activities in any time of the day. A user can pay his bills online, view all his rewards, set up an auto debit, even set accounts alerts.

How To Login Academy Credit Card Online.

Academy credit card has provided a detailed set of guidelines on how to login with little or no stress;

  1. Customers of academy credit card are to login to the homepage via (
  2. The customer is to sign in by providing his email and password (the username and password must be familiar to the customer, as he would be asked to always provide them). Then press the ‘Sign In’ button, after which the customer will be taken to his account dashboard where he will access his account. But this is if the username and password are accepted.

Remember; it’s only those customers who have registered or applied before that have access to login. And if the customer has forgotten his password, he is to select the ‘forgot password’ link and proceed by entering his email address. There is a link that will allow him to change the password will be opened.

Activation Of Academy Credit Card | How To Activate Academy Credit Card Online

Prospective card users are to use the customer care for activation of their cards. The customer care will ask for certain details concerning the card, be ready to provide them.  Once this is done, the card is ready for use. It is that easy. It could be done by all.

Online Payment with  Academy Credit Card Login

Academy credit card has provided a login portal to enable its customers to make an online bill payment at ease.

If a card holder wishes to make payment online (pay his credit card bills), the cardholder has to sign into Academy Credit Card account.  On his account dash board, he would be directed on how to go about it.

Secondly, he can decide to authorize an auto debit, by auto debit. By this, you will make all online purchases but the credit card company will be paid by his own bank at the end of the month.