Why Participation Trophies Are Good

Some feel the excitement that comes with participation trophies is not worth it.

Hence, some feel it makes people soft and makes them feel they are amazing when they are not.

Also, how those kids who excelled got cheated by getting the same trophies as the bad kids.

Well, I don’t agree with all this. And I feel getting participation trophies is amazing and should be encouraged.

Thus, in this article, I will tell you reasons why participation trophies are good.

So if you feel these trophies are not worth the hype, this article can make you change your mind.

Well, participation trophies are not telling kids that they are the best. Rather it encourages them by telling them, they did well and can try harder.

From research, I’m not sure 1% out of 10% of us will want to end up as a professional athlete.

Thus, the 9% would rather want to work where they feel is less stressful and pays better.

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Hence, some of us throwing goals, we could use participation trophies in our lives.

However, to our graduates, you may get compliments like “Nice Job” or “Nice presentation”.

Well, that doesn’t mean you were the best in your job or presentation. But, hearing such words encourages you and makes you better.

So, instead of giving up after seeing others who did better, you’re encouraged to do better next time.

For instance, an overweight girl in a ballet class, for the first time gets words like “you’re amazing”.

Thus, she knows she didn’t do well but getting such words encourages her and forces her to do better.

Hence, these are the participation trophies you get as a grownup. So, you see having participation trophies is not worthless.

So, kids getting participation trophies doesn’t mean they are soft. But is a way of encouraging them and making them do better.

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We live in a world where those who think differently are not celebrated. But once they succeed they become celebrated by many.

Also, we see commercials that encourage us to try something new. But we ignore those who took bold steps because of their poor results.

Hence, we discourage them or mock them about their poor results, which is not nice.

Instead of those hurtful words, we can encourage them. Thus, by doing this we are giving them participation trophies.

So, instead of harsh words say words like “You can do better”, ‘You’re amazing’, ‘that’s great’, etc.

The more hurtful words you get as you get older the more difficult it is to get your head in the game.

Also, it makes it harder to convince yourself that you can do better in that area.

Hence, sometimes, we may need to touch love, but that should not be daily.

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We often need someone who will encourage us and make us believe in ourselves or assignments.

So, from all said, you can see that getting participation trophies is not worthless.

Hence, it should be encouraged as it is a way of encouraging kids to do better next time.

Final Words

To sum it up, we believe this article was clear on reasons why participation trophies are good.

However, if you have any questions, drop them in the comment below.

Having said that, thank you for reading!