Walmart Credit Card Payment and Customer Service Agent

Walmart Credit Cards is billed for payment at Synchrony Bank. Walmart Credit Card is issued by this bank and so, therefore, users are meant to pay their bills at this bank. Synchrony Bank is former GE Capital Retail Bank.Walmart Credit Card Payment

All card users should be made to know that it is this same Synchrony bank that you will interact with when you come to the bill payment for this card online or offline and any further help on the card.

These steps below will guide you on how to pay your bill for Walmart Credit Card.

Walmart Credit Card Payment Online

Most convenient way to bill payment is online. You can program to pay online using your bank and prompt a service to get paid within a stipulated time.

Make sure you are logged in with the same browser and then click here to complete your online payment for Walmart Credit Card.

Walmart Credit Card Payment For Walmart MasterCard Users

For those using Walmart MasterCard, you are supposed to mail your payment to this address;

Walmart MasterCard
P.O. Box 960024
Orlando, FL 32896-0024

Payment For Walmart Store Card (Not Mastercard this time)

If you are using Walmart Store card, you are to mail make your payment using this mail address below;

Walmart Credit Card
P.O. Box 530927
Atlanta, GA 30353-0927

If you choose or can visit Walmart Store, you can pay your bill at any Walmart store as well. When at you are at the office, visit the Customer Service desk to make your card Payment.

For those that are having technical questions they want to ask a customer representative, it is better advice you put up a call direct. You can call the Walmart credit card customer service unit on phone using -1-877-294-7880.

If you are using the Walmart MasterCard, you can call a customer representative at -1-866-611-1148 for immediate response.

You still need further help on this subject, you can keep a comment using our comment box. If it is technical, I will advise you put it up to customer agent using the numbers above.

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