With assets of over 2.76 billion USD and a member base of 190,000, Veridian Credit Union is a credit union in Iowa. As of December 2014, Veridian stands as the largest credit union in the state of Iowa and ranks as the 59th largest credit union in the U.S.Veridian Credit Union

About Veridian Credit Union

As a credit union, Veridian is differently organized than other financial institutions. Veridian is not-for-profit and is owned by its members, not by stockholders. Viridians’ main objective is to benefit its members and their families. It strives to accomplish this in many ways, including offering a variety of no or low-cost services, low loan rates, as well as higher savings rates.


Veridian offers a wide range of business services to enable member’s access and monitor their businesses. They are;

  • Direct Deposit/ACH
  • Merchant Processing
  • Remote Check Deposit
  • Contact Commercial Deposits.

Membership Benefits

  • Veridian is committed to its members and strives in every interaction to exceed expectation.
  • Offers products and services such as checking accounts, credit cards, and mortgage loans with a difference.
  • Veridian Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative.

Veridian Credit Union Login Guide

All members of this great union that having challenges in login into their online accounts can follow the guide below.

  1. visit the Veridian Credit Union Login Homepage,
  2. Look out for the sites login button,
  3. Enter your correct Login details
  4. clock login and you will be redirected to your account online.

On Becoming A Member

Joining the Veridian Union is easy. You can qualify for membership if you’re part of any of these groups;

  • Employees of businesses situated within the Veridian field of membership. These individuals can share the benefit of membership with family or household members.
  • Family or household members of current members and individuals with disabilities as dictated by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 who reside in Iowa.
  • Registered users of Dwolla.
  • Persons living in or working for a business situated in any of the 99 Iowa countries.

Veridian Union membership policy posits that “Once a member, always a member”. This implies that you may maintain the full privileges of membership should you leave or retire from the company or association that offers you membership, even if you move to another area or state.

Veridian Credit Union Routing Number


Veridian Union is organized differently than other financials, returning all net earnings to its members in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings, and low-to-no fees. This financial institution is also governed by a volunteer board of directors who are elected by its members. Each member has the right to one vote in the election of its board regardless of how much money that individual has on deposit.

According to Shawni a member, Veridian Credit Union is local, convenient and easy to navigate.

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