Unfreeze Your Credit: How Long Does It Take To?

If you have a credit freeze on your credit report to help safeguard your account and you’re wondering how long does it take to unfreeze your credit when you want to do so, read on to know just how.

The Time Frame

The time frame for lifting a credit freeze largely depends on how you request it. As stated by the Federal Trade Commission, the three major credit bureaus are required to lift a freeze within one hour if the request is made online or by phone. If it is a mail request, they are required to lift the freeze within three business days of being notified.Unfreeze Your Credit

How To Unfreeze Your Credit

Each of the credit bureaus has its own process for unfreezing credit reports.

Unfreezing With Equifax


Unfreezing your credit report online through Equifax’s website is the fastest way. To do this, create a myEquifax account. All you need to create this account is your name, address, social security number, date of birth, and identity verification information.

Via Phone

To unfreeze your account via phone on Equifax call the number 800-349-9960. When you request a freeze by phone, you will have your PIN mailed to you.

By Mail

You can also unfreeze your credit report by downloading and mailing in the appropriate forms. This you can do this by sending the completed paperwork to Equifax Information Services LLC P.O. Box 105788, Atlanta, GA 30348-5788. Send through certified mail to enable you to have proof that your forms were mailed and you can check to see when they’re received.

Unfreezing your credit With Experian


Complete a form online and unfreeze your credit.

By Phone

Call 1-888-397-3742 to unfreeze via phone with Experian.

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Via Mail

Mail to Experian Security Freeze, P.O. Box 9554, Allen, TX 75013.

Unfreezing Your Credit With TransUnion


Create an online account with TransUnion or unfreeze via myTransUnion app.

Via Phone

Unfreeze with TransUnion via phone by calling at 1-888-909-8872.

By Mail

Mail your written request to TransUnion LLC, P.O. Box 160, Woodlyn, PA 19094.

Final Thought

Here are a few things to note while unfreezing your account;

  • You should specify how long you want the freeze to be lifted, a day, week, or more, or you can do it indefinitely.
  • If you want to make a temporary lift, and you know exactly which of the credit bureaus your lender will contact, you can save time and make your request at that bureau only. If you are not sure, it is best to contact the three bureaus.
  • A credit freeze only prevents a thief from opening a new account in your name but does not prevent him/her from making changes to your existing accounts.
  • Unfreezing your credit at one bureau does not unfreeze it at the other two. Thus to stay safe you are to contact the three major credit bureaus to unfreeze your credit if you are unsure of which of them your lender may likely contact.

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