Secure Mobile Payments: Your mobile device can be used to make convenient payments wherever merchants have the necessary device to accept them. Making a mobile payment is very easy. It simply requires you to hold your phone near the point-of-sale terminal which reads your (encrypted)  payment details stored on your phone and processes the payment.Secure Mobile Payments

Using your mobile for payments is a lot safer because it is difficult for hackers to get access to your credit card details in a data breach. This is because your actual financial information is not transferred during the transaction but rather, a coded version of your credit card details is used to authorize payment.

Some Tips For Making Secure Mobile Payments

Make Use Of A Credit Card

You can have better fraud protection with credit cards than debit cards. Some credit cards, have zero fraud liability policies which eliminate your risk for any unauthorized charges made to your credit card account. Debit cards, on the other hand, have a tendency of being liable for all the money taken from your account.

Watch Your Credit Card Account Closely

Always check your credit card transactions even when you have your phone in your possession and have used all the necessary safety precautions. If you closely monitor your account, you will detect early enough any suspicious charges. Also if you suspect that your credit card details have been touched, report unauthorized charges to your credit card issuer. Yes, that is safe to do.

Avoid Sending Sensitive Information Via Public Wi-Fi

Transmitting details through a public wi-fi makes that data accessible to anyone who has access to that wi-fi. This implies that your payment details can be intercepted if you are using your phone for online purchases.

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Use a Strong Password Protection

Start by having a code that looks your phone to forestall access to whatever personal and financial information you have stored on your phone.

Use a strong password that is not easily guessed and one that is not complex for you to remember. You can also use other security features like facial recognition, iris scan, and fingerprint.

Lock Your Phone Remotely If It’s Lost or Stolen

There’s an Android Device Manager feature that you can use to lock or locate a lost or stolen cell phone. You can access this by going to For iPhone, you can do the same by going to, and for a Windows device.

Only Use Safe, Trusted Payment Platforms

If you are to add your payment data in your phone, make sure you use software that came with your phone. Apple Pay or Android Pay or a trusted payment provider like Google Wallet or Chase Pay. Hope you get it?

There are fraud mobile payment apps created by hackers for the main aim of gathering credit card details and can leave your information exposed. You have to be extremely cautious when using third-party mobile payment apps from the app store or downloaded from the internet.

Download Only Trustworthy Apps to Ensure Secure Mobile Payments

Be careful of other apps you download to your device as well. This is because some of them could contain spyware or malware that’s designed to capture your payment information and send the same to hackers without your knowledge. It is that easy.