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Susquehanna Bank was founded in 1901. And, it was initially called the Farmers National Bank of Lititz.

However, in 1972 it changed its name to Farmers First Bank. Hence, in the 1970s it began to acquire other banks in the area.

Thereby, expanding its reach into the states south of Pennsylvania.

In 2008, Susquehanna Bank owned the naming rights to the Susquehanna Bank Center.

Susquehanna Bank was located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with over 200 branches.

Hence, its branches were across Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia.

However, in 2014 BB&T (now Truist Financial) procured the Susquehanna Bank.

Then, on August 3, 2015, the deal was finalized. After that, all Susquehanna Bank branches were converted to BB&T.


Thus, this includes the Entertainment Center in Camden.

BB&T (Now Truist Financial)

Aside from the Susquehanna Bank, BB&T (now Truist Financial) acquired other banks. As well as other organizations.

Hence here is a breakdown of some banks and properties acquired by BB&T (now Truist Financial):

1990s: They purchased the Fidelity Financial Bankshares, and First Financial of Petersburg, Md. As well as Maryland Federal Bancorp and Franklin Bancorporation.

In 1998: They acquired Main Street Financial of Martinsville, Va. As well as the Mason-Dixon Bancshares of Westminster, Md. Also, they went further to purchase First Liberty of Macon, Ga., and Matewan Bancshares.

2000: BB&T purchased One Valley Bancorp, giving them the largest bank in West Virginia.

2002: They finished the acquisition of MidAmerica Bancorp of Louisville, Ky. And also, the AREA Bancshares Corporation of Owensboro, Ky.

2003: They completed the acquisition of First Virginia Banks of Falls Church, Va.

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2005: They acquired the Main Street Banks of metro Atlanta for $622 million.

2006: BB&T acquired the Coastal Federal Bank, based in Myrtle Beach.

2008: BB&T acquired Puckett, Scheetz & Hogan. Also, in December 2008, they acquired J. Rolfe Davis.

2009: On August 14, they purchased the Colonial Bank after its seizure by the FDIC. But, in January 2010 they sold the Nevada branch to U.S. Bancorp.

2011: BB&T acquired Atlantic Risk Management and in November they acquired Precept.

2012: They purchased BankAtlantic, as well as its $2.1 billion in loans and $3.3 billion in deposits.

2013: They purchased 21 Citigroup branches in Texas for $36 million, adding $1.2 billion in deposits.

2014: In September, BB&T acquired 41 Citigroup branches, adding $2.3 billion in deposits.

2015: They purchased Bank of Kentucky for $363 million, and Susquehanna Bank for $2.5 billion.

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2016: They acquired Swett & Crawford, and in April they acquired National Penn for $1.8 billion.

2022: In May BB&T (Now Truist) acquired the Long Game Savings Inc.


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