State Farm Good Neighbour Visa Credit Card Login Online | Apply Now

State Farm Good Neighbour Visa Credit Card Login Online | Apply Now


State Farm Good Neighbour Visa Credit Card is issued by State Farm. No Annual Fee is required. Its Cash Advance APR is 20.24%. Its Cash Advance Fee is either $10 or 4% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater. State Farm Good Neighbour Visa Credit Card Late Payment Fee is up to $35.Purchases APR varies from 11.24% – 18.24% based on your creditworthiness.

State Farm Good Neighbour Visa Credit Card Login

– In order to login simply input your user ID into the login fields situated on the State Farm homepage. Once correctly inputted you will be prompted for a password.

Forgot Username/password

–  Misplaced passwords and usernames can be handled by selecting the corresponding link beneath the login fields. For passwords you will have to reset your password, the procedure for which is considerably longer than that for user IDs, involving a 3-step form-based process. Input your email to immediately recover your State Farm user ID.


–  Customers enjoy low purchase APR, zero fraud liability.

–  Customers enjoy 0% Introductory APR for the last day of the twelfth billing cycle from account opening.

Application criteria

– Client must be 18 years of age or older.

–  Client must be a resident of USA.

How to apply For State Farm Good Neighbor Visa Credit Card

– Go to the secure enrollment webpage and press the “Apply Now” link.

– Input the following details in the required empty fields below the “Primary Applicant” sub-section: The applicant’s First and last name, Residence address, City, State, ZIP code, Social Security Number, Date of birth, Housing status, Home phone number , Cell phone number, Mother’s maiden name, Yearly or monthly income, Monthly housing payment, E-mail address, Status as a State Farm client, Employer name , Work phone number, job.

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– Enter the following details in the applicable empty fields below the “Balance Transfer Request” sub-section:

– The account number and transfer amount of up to three separate amount transfers

–  Check the box to validate that you accede to receive an electronic copy of State Farm’s Privacy Policy, and then lastly, press the “Continue” button to end the enrollment.

– Once the applicant has completed all of the steps, they will have completed the enrollment process for the State Farm Good Neighbour Visa Credit Card. Rejection or confirmation of the enrollment will be given instantaneously and in the unlikely event that the applicant does not receive immediate approval or rejection, they should wait 14 days before contacting State Farm directly.

Activate card

Secure Activation

– You have to contact the customer service at 888-559-1922 to activate a new card. Choose the register link under the login fields on the homepage to input the registration process.

– You will have to fill out a customer details form and, once completed, set your account parameters (including your desired user ID and password) before you will be completely registered.

Customer service

Phone number: 877-734-8472

Mailing Address:

State Farm Insurance One State Farm Plaza Bloomington, IL 61710.

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