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State Employees Credit Union is a financial institution with over 5,000 branches and 30,000 ATMs with no fees to bank anywhere life takes you.

About the State Employees Credit Union

This is a union that puts it’s members first with visions and services dedicated to communities making them feel right at home with it’s local, personal service and care every step of the way.State Employees Credit Union

What Do We Offer?

July Grassroots:Home Equity Line of Credit, P2P Payments and saving for education with NC 529 Plan.

Online Security:Tips on how to protect your online account details and why you should never share your User ID or Password.

Peer-to-Peer Payments:Online Services and apps that enable you to easily send and receive money.

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One Time Passcode:As an alternative to your security questions, State Employees offers a One Time Passcode (OTP) feature which is a more secure and convenient option.

SECU Spotlights:Teaching financial wellness to youths and preparing students for financial success is a key element of SECU’s community outreach.

State Employees Credit Union Gains

At State Employees Union, you’re not considered a customer or a number but a member with an active voice in a credit union that takes care of your specific needs.

Rather than focus on personal gains as a non-profit institution State Employeespours back into the Credit Union to offer better rates, products, and services for you.

Other than offering simple banking needs, State Employees also secures a number of Membership Benefits, that offers you value and discounts in various aspects of your endeavors.

State Employees Membership Benefits

Offers membership benefits such as better rates, products, services, and discounts, etc.

  • Better Rates
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State Employees loyalty rewards program makes it easy for you to take advantage of high interest checking accounts, online programs, low-interest loans, etc. They work with you and your family’s financial requirements to ensure you have the support you need and also helps you save towards your goals.

Enjoy up to 0.70% off of your qualifying loan rates as well as a higher rate on deposits.

  • External Discounts

Discounts are provided as well as benefits at places outside of the credit union for loyal members

Who Can Become A Member of State Employees Union?

  • Anyone who resides, works, worships, or attends school in these 7 counties;
  1. Santa Fe County
  2. San Miguel County
  3. Sandoval County
  4. Valencia County
  5. Rio Arriba County
  6. Bernalillo County
  7. Dona Ana County.
  • Any State, City, or County employee, and contracted employees, vendors and more of these entities.
  • Employees of any publishing or printing company situated in Santa Fe, Taos, and Rio Arriba counties.
  • Family members of current members can also join.
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Membership Requirements

A Members Savings Account is required to beState Employees Credit Union come to a member of the State Employees Credit Union. Once your savings account is opened, you become an official member with access to all of State Employees Credit Union Member-focused products and services that you can revel instantly or later.

Once a member, you stay a member for life. Also, your family members become eligible for membership also.

State Employees, Credit Union’s focus isn’t profited it’s you.

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