Stanford Federal Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card Login | Apply Now

Stanford Federal Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card Login | Apply Now


Stanford Federal Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card is a great option for the staff, alumni, students and family members of Stanford. This card is issued by Stanford Federal Credit Union.

The Annual Fee is $0.Its Cash Advance APR is 17.99% (APR is subject to change).Its Cash Advance Fee is $0.Late Payment Fee is up to $7.Purchases APR is 17.99% (APR is subject to change).

Stanford Federal Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card Login

–   In order to gain access to your online banking account, go to the SFCU homepage and find the login area at the top of the page. Input your User ID and Password in the fields provided and press Log In. As long as you have inputted your ID and password correctly, you should be staring at the main page of your online banking account.

Forgot user ID/Password

– If you can’t recall your password, there is simple procedure you can go through to recover it.

–  Click the Forgot Password? link at the login area on the main SFCU page, input your User ID and click Submit to continue.

– On the following pages you will be shown exactly what you have to do to retrieve your forgotten password and in turn regain access to your online account.

– If your user ID is misplaced, you will need to contact SFCU at 1 (888) 723-7328 and they will assist you get back into your online bank account.


–  Card User will receive 1 point per $1 spent

Application criteria

– Customer must be 18 years of age or older

– Customer must have a valid US address

– The customer must have a valid Social Security number

– Customer must be a member or affiliate of Stanford University

How to apply

–    Follow this link to access the SFCU enrollment page. Press the first link labeled “here” to enroll for a new loan.

– At this point, you can select which type of loan you’re enrolling for. In this situation, you’re enrolling for a credit card, so press the Credit Cards tab on the left then the Enroll Now tab to continue.

– The first section of the enrollment form asks for your First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number and Member Number. If you do not have a member number, un-check the box beside Is Member and then choose your affiliation from the drop down menu provided below that. Press Submit once you have supplied all these details.

– The main part of the enrollment form includes a series of empty spaces for you to supply some personal and financial details. Not all of it is mandatory, but the more details you supply, the more thorough SFCU can read your enrollment. The essential fields you have to fill in include the following: Marital status, Email address, Physical address, Start date (day you moved in), Status (rent, own, etc.), Home phone, Work phone, Employer, Title (of current work position), Amount and frequency of payment, Start date (day of hiring).

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– Hit Next once you have finalized this section of the enrollment form.

– Next, you can supply the Requested Amount you wish your credit limit to be as well as the Purpose of this card.

–  At this juncture in the process, you can select your Card Type and, if you wish, select a Card Design for your new credit card. At the bottom of the page is where you will authorize SFCU to obtain credit reports and validate the details on your enrollment. Mark both boxes once you have reviewed and accede to the terms and conditions. Hit Submit to send your enrollment in for checking.

– Congrats! You have successfully applied for the Stanford Federal Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card. All you need to do is sit back and await your confirmation; it shouldn’t take too long at all. We trust that our instructions were able to help you in going through the enrollment process without much hassle.

Activate card

Secure Registration

– For you to start using your new Stanford Federal Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card you’ll have to activate it first.

– To achieve that, call the customer service agent at 1 (888) 723-7328 who wil guide you through the activation process.

– With the activation process done, it might be a good time to apply for an online banking account with SFCU.

– To start  the application process press on the Secure Registration link under the activation number.

– Input your Last Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth and create a Login ID. Press Continue to go ahead to the next step.

– The following pages will ask for further details about your credit card and will guide you through the rest of the registration process.

– Now that your card is activated and you have created an online banking account, you’ll be able to oversee your credit card account as soon as you start making procurement with your card.

Customer service

Call: 1 (888) 723-7328

Mailing Address:

Stanford Federal Credit Union // P.O. Box 10690 // Palo Alto, CA // 94303-0843.

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