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Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union was founded in 1934 as Orange County Teachers Credit Union, by 126 school employees who pooled $1,200 and established a financial institution with the aim of improving each other’s life.schoolsfirst federal credit union

Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union Products & Services

  • Share Savings
  • Free Checking
  • Investment Checking
  • Share Certificate
  • Liquid Advantage Money Market
  • Youth Accounts (ages 0-17)
  • Auto Loans
  • Car Buying Services
  • Auto Insurance
  • Credit Cards
  • eServices
  • HomeLoans
  • Home Insurance
  • Home Advantage Program
  • Classroom Supplies Loan
  • Computer Loan
  • Uniform Loan
  • Financial Advisors
  • IRAS
  • Retirement for School Employees.

Why Join?

  • Unlike a bank, Schoolsfirst does not work for a profit. They work for their members and return earnings in the form of lower loan rates and low or no fees. Many bank credit cards charge up to 29.90% APR or more, but with a Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union, even the most credit-challenged Member approved for credit won’t pay over 18% APR.
  • Offers 24/7 online and mobile banking, teller phone service, over 45 locations, and more than 28,000 ATMs in the CO-OP Network nationwide.
  • Once a member, always a member for life. You can change careers, retire, or move out of Schoolsfirst service area, it doesn’t matter. So long as your membership is active and in good standing, just maintain a $5 minimum balance in your Share Savings account, Schoolsfirst will be there to serve you.
  • Members who use Schoolsfirst credit cards, auto and mortgage loans, checking and share accounts can save an average of $1,923 a year compared to other banks in California.
  • Your immediate family members – spouse, domestic partner, mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandparent or grandchild can join once you are a member.
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How to Join!!!!

Joining Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union is simple and fast.


If you are a school employee, retired school employee, an immediate family member of a Schoolsfirst FCU member, including spouse, domestic partner, mother, father, sibling, son, daughter, grandparent, grandchild then you are eligible to join.


This financial institution serves educational communities in the state of California.

To complete your Membership Application, you’ll need;

  • Either of these form of valid identification ( state issued Driver License, state-issued Identification Card, U.S. Military ID Card, U.S. Passport, U.S. Passport Card, Resident Alien Registration Card, U.S. Territories Driver License, Mexico Matricula ConsularCard.
  • A check, debit card, or credit card to deposit $5 to your Share Savings account (the minimum needed to establish and maintain Membership)
  • Most recent payroll stub (if you’re a school employee) or other proof of eligibility
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Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union Routing Number


Whether you are someone who is financially savvy to a person who just needs basic services, Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union has something for everyone. Having served school employees for over 80 years, Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union understands the financial challenges you encounter both in your classroom and at home.

Because of this, it has designed it’s products and services with you in mind, creating an ever-growing number of lower-cost, higher-quality offerings in an environment where your character counts more than your credit score.

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