Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store | Take An Online Customer Survey And Get 10% Discount

Do you know why so many people like shopping at Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store? They do this because when they take the company’s customer survey, they get a 10% discount for their purchases next time in the store.

Let’s be practical, perhaps you want to make a purchase worth $200 in your next visit to the store. When you take a survey, you end up paying only $180. I am sure this is quite interesting since there are just a few firms that pay their customers for just taking a few minutes survey online.

Additionally, the survey does not take time at all either is it stressful. All you need to take the survey is your receipt from your last visit to the store. The receipt is important since it contains the followings :

  • Transaction number
  • Store number
  • Registration number
  • Date of purchase.

You will enroll in the above information when you go to take the survey online. To start with the survey, go to the Supply the details on your previous receipt from your last visit to the store. Begin answering the questions you see.

When you finish answering the questions, submit and receive a 10% off coupon which is printable. It is this code that you will present to receive your 10% discount at the store on your next visit. You can visit the store nearest to you to make your purchases.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store | Take An Online Customer Survey

Are you worried about the questions? Don’t be at all. The questions are very simple and usually customer care related. They ask about :Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store

  • How frequently you visit their store
  • What you often buy
  • If you like the quality of their products
  • Whether their services are appealing
  • They as well want to know how the customer care agent treated you
  • If you are satisfied or not with the overall quality of their goods and services. In a situation that you see the need for improvement, they demand that you tell them to ensure they do better in that regard. Now you know why this survey demands that you be as honest as you can. If you give inaccurate information, you are not doing yourself or the company any good at all.

Now that you know about Ralph Lauren Factory Store Customer Survey, am sure you will like to start shopping with them. You will greatly enjoy their discounts. All you have to do is to take the survey and start visiting the store. You can as well tell your friends about the store. It is a great place to make your purchases and earn a reward.

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