New Chase Mobile App For Android | Chase Mobile apk

Have you heard of the new Chase mobile app for android? It is a free mobile app for Android that has been recently updated by Chase.

New Chase Mobile App For Android Features

ChaseQuickPay: With this feature, you can pay anyone from your Chase account if you have their email address or mobile phone number. The recipient must have a Chase QuickPay account, or they can sign up for one when they get your mobile app for android

Wire Transfer: You can wire money to or from the non-Chase account.

Pay Bills: This needs an enrollment in Chase Online Bill Pay. This is a feature you set up on before you can use it with the app.

Deposit Checks: A feature where you can snap a photo of a check and key in the amount to use the Chase QuickDeposit to instantly deposit the check to your checking or savings account.

Transfer Money: This feature gives you the access with which you can move money between your Chase accounts

Connect With Chase: Connect with Chase has selections for finding an ATM or branch, contacting Chase, alerts, message center, FAQs, legal (privacy policy) and log off. The FAQs question section includes answers to just about any questions you may have about the app.

Account Alerts and Messages: Here, you can get alerts on your Android mobile device for any of your Chase accounts.

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Secure Message Center: This is an option for messages from Chase. If you have a message, you’ll see a number next to Secure Message Center.

Chase Mobile App Security: The app is designed with strong 128-bit encryption for all data, and messages are sent encrypted from Chase. These messages are then decrypted by the app on your phone.

How To Use Chase Mobile App | Chase Mobile apk

To use the Chase mobile app, you must be enrolled in Chase Online. If you have not enrolled before, go to and tap on the login or Enroll button. Once your online account is active, use the same user name and password to sign in.

If it’s your first time using the app, specify which Chase accounts you want to use with the app to get instructions for requesting a PIN through phone, text message, or email. Use the PIN to log on via the app the first time you use the app.

The Chase app logs you off automatically if you don’t make use of it for 12 minutes. This is to ensure you are secured, in case you forgot to log off and leave your mobile device where it can be accessible to others.

New Chase Mobile App For Android Download

Download the Chase Mobile App For Android from Google Play Store. Alternatively, text “Android” (without quotes) to 24273 to download.

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