Annual fees of $39 are applicable to this credit card unlike other cards issued by NASA Federal Credit union. Other features of this card includes cash advance APR of 12.15%-18%, cash advance fee of 3% or $5, late payment fee of $35 and purchases APR of between 10.15%to 17.99%


Cardholders can expect to make 3 points on all purchases made online via, 2 points on purchases at gas stations and 1 point each on every other purchase made using this credit card. As a bonus, cardholders would not be worrying about fees on balance transfers made using this card.


It is important that interested applicants ensure they meet the following requirements before applying for this credit card. They must be at least 8 years old, should have valid mailing addresses in the US, be citizens of the United States and must have valid social security numbers. Other additional requirements include the following:

  • An applicant must be a member of the National Space Society,
  • Relative or household member of a current NASA Federal Credit Union member
  • Must be an employee or a member of one of NASA FCU partner companies
  • Must be an employee or a retired member of NASA HQ, Centre or Facility


  1. First, click (here) to log onto the webpage containing a list of four credit cards from which you are to choose one. When you have selected your choice, click APPLY to proceed with your registration.
  2. To begin your registration, kindly fill in your personal information by stating your full names, social security number, date of birth, phone number, email and home address, city, zip code and state, monthly mortgage or rent amount, housing status, duration of time you have spent in your current residence, mailing address and then you indicate whether or not you would want a joint applicant with your card. Click CONTINUE to proceed to the next stage
  3. Kindly fill out your employment information in the spaces provided as follows: occupation, employment status, employer name and phone number, other income and income sources if any. Next please indicate whether or not you would like to subscribe to CREDIT PROTECTION. Also please indicate whether or not you would like to transfer a balance from another account. If in the affirmative, kindly supply the following information: card number and institution, amount to be transferred, an address of the card institution, city, zip code, and state. after filling out the necessary information, please click CONTINUE TO CONFIRM option below.
  4. The next step requires you to confirm all the entries you have made so far in the course of the registration. To make any changes to your information, click on the EDIT option at the top right of each section.
  5. The next step requires you to go through the Terms and Conditions thoroughly and then click SUBMIT MY APPLICATION. A notification would be sent to you indicating the success or otherwise of your application.
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Kindly log on to the NASA FCU webpage and scroll to the eBranch Login page (click here). Once there, enter your Username and Password and click nLOGIn for access into your account.


If you have forgotten either your Username or Password, please click on either the Forgot Username or Forgot Password link (click here) and click SUBMIT to begin the retrieval process.


To activate this card, kindly call the NASA FCU customer care representative on 1(888)627-2328. To enroll your card for online banking operations, click on the SECURE REGISTRATION link (click here). On clicking the page, you will be required to enter your account number in the space provided and click SUBMIT. The next pages would require your login and security information and then you will now be able to carry out your banking operations with ease

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