Just like the previous credit cards issued by NASA Federal Credit union, this card is the third in the franchise of cards available on offer by the NASA FCU. It also does not have annual fees apply to it. However it has cash advance APR ratings of 16.15% to 18%, cash advance fee of 3% or $5, late payment fees which may extend to as much as $35 and purchases APR of 14.15%-17.99% taking into consideration the creditworthiness of the cardholder.


Unlike the other two credit cards issued by the NASA FCU, this credit card comes with some reward programs. It is offered with 1% cash back on purchases made up to as much as $1000, 1.25% cashback on purchases extending to $1001 and $2000, 2% cash back on purchases worth $2000 using this card.


Prospective applicants for this card must have valid social security numbers, be residents of the United States and must be 18 years and above.


  1. To apply, please click (here) which would take you to the credit card homepage and you will find this Platinum Cash Rewards Credit Card among the list of credit cards on the webpage. Once you have seen the card, click APPLY NOW.
  2. The first step would require you to supply your personal details in the boxes provided such as your full name, date of birth, phone number, full home address, housing payment, email address, duration of time you have spent at your residence and whether you own, lease or rent your current accommodation.
  3. Before you proceed to the next step, you will be required to indicate whether or not you will like a joint applicant to this credit card and also indicate whether there is any semblance whatsoever between your mailing address and your current home address.
  4. The next page requires your employment information such as employment status, employer name, occupation, employer phone number, duration of time in present employment, gross annual income, other annual income and other sources of your annual income.
  5. Next you will have to choose a credit card design of your choice and indicate whether or not you would like protection of your credit, or whether you would like balance transfers and the number of balance transfers of your choice. Once done, click CONTINUE.
  6. At this stage, you will be required to go through all the entries made in filling out the application to ensure they are correct. Also go through the Terms and Conditions, ensure you understand and agree to the terms before hitting the SUBMIT MY APPLICATION option below. Once your application is successful, you will receive a notification about when your card would be ready in your mailing address.
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First log on to the webpage of the NASA Federal Credit union and click on the eBranch section (click here). Once open, you will be required to enter your Username and Password in the specified white boxes. Once done, your account dashboard will be opened where you can now access your bank account.


If you have forgotten either your Username or Password, select the Forgot Username? or Forgot Password?options (click here). Once you click on these options, your retrieval process will commence as you will enter your account number in the appropriate space and click SUBMIT. You will be required to enter some other vital information before you will be enabled to access your account again.


To activate your card, kindly contact the customer care representative of the bank on 1(888)627-2328. Once it has been activated and you would like to commence opening an online banking account, please click on the SECURE REGISTRATION link (click here). Once opened, please add your account number to create your login details. Once done, you will be enabled to enjoy the benefits afforded by this credit card.

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