Michaels Credit Card Review 2023

If you often shop from Michaels, this article is a must-read. Michael Stores is now offering its credit card.

Hence, this credit card comes with rewards. And also amazing perks from the Michaels Reward program.

So, if you shop often from Michaels, this is a chance you shouldn’t snooze out on.

In this article, we will provide you with info about Michael’s Credit Card. To get all the info you need about this credit card, make sure you read through this article closely.

With that in mind, let’s give you a rundown about Michael’s Credit Card.

Michaels Credit Card 9% Reward

What attract most people to this Credit Card is the 9% reward on purchase at Michael.com. And also at Michael’s physical Stores.

However, the Michaels Reward Program offers 3% on purchases. And also 6% when you spend $300 at Michaels in 12 months.

Thus, with this credit card, you can get 3% to 6% rewards on all Michaels Purchases.

Michaels Credit Card Rewards

Each time you earn $5 rewards in the Michaels reward program, you’re given a $5 Voucher.

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Hence, with a 9% reward on your purchases, you can still get a $5 Voucher on up to $55 spent on purchases.

Thus, you can redeem more than one voucher at the same time if you have many Vouchers.

However, these vouchers are only valid for 32 days after which they expire. So, if you’re a frequent shopper from Michaels this offer is fine.

But if you don’t shop often from Michael, this offer might force you to shop from Michaels.

Michaels Credit Card Welcome Bonus

This Credit Card offers its new cardholders 20% off their first purchase made with their card.

Hence, you can stack your discounts and vouchers. And then make purchases at Michaels Stores or Michael.com using them.

Other Michaels Credit Card Benefits

Aside from the welcome bonus, here are other benefits of this credit card:

  • Special Financing on large Purchases.
  • Free Shipping for online purchases (this offer is limited).
  • Birthday reward (discount during your birthday month).
  • Cardholder discounts.


Important Notes about Michael’s Credit Card Reward Program

  • The APR on this card is properly 25.00% to 30.00%. Although a high APR is normal for retail store credit cards, be sure not to carry a balance over. Unless you want to pay more interest than you gain from a higher reward rate.
  • The Michaels Credit Card is accepted on Michaels.com and at Michaels Stores. Hence, it is not a MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or Amex credit card.
  • Comenity Capital Bank is the issuer of the Michaels Credit Card. Hence, they handle card payments, card accounts, and customer service.
  • Finally, the Michael Credit Card has no annual fee.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I use the Michaels Credit Card?

You can use your Michaels Credit Card in all U.S. Michaels stores and on michaels.com.

However, this card cannot be used on

Can I use my Michaels Credit Card the same day I applied for the card?

Of course, you can. Once you’ve been approved for the Michaels Credit card, you can use your card right away.

Hence, you’ll get 20% off your first purchase made using your new card. However, if you did not make a purchase the same day you got the card, you’ll lose this offer.

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What are the perks of the Michaels Credit Card?

Here are the benefits of the Michael credit card:

  • Special Financing on large Purchases.
  • Free Shipping for online purchases (this offer is limited).
  • Birthday reward (discount during your birthday month).
  • Cardholder discounts.
  • 9% reward daily when you use your Michaels Credit Card.
  • 20% off your first purchase with your card when you open an account.

If my application can’t be processed, is there a different way I can apply?

If your application is being delayed, you can try applying in any Michaels store at checkout.


To sum it up, here is all you need to know about Michaels Credit Card. Hence, if you’re a frequent shopper of Michaels Stores this card is worth trying.

But, if you’re not a frequent shopper from Michaels Stores, you might want to try other credit cards.

Hence, if you have questions about this card, leave them in the comment section below.

Having said that, thank you for reading!