Kohl’s Credit Card Review 2023

Kohl’s credit card is a store card that can only be used in Kohl’s. So, if you shop frequently from Kohl’s, this article is worth our attention.

Kohl’s credit card is a no-annual-fee credit card that offers cool rewards on your Kohl’s purchases.

However, they can also enjoy other rewards when they make purchases using their card.

In this article, we will brief you about the Kohl’s Credit card. Hence, we will provide you with some useful info about this credit card.

So, if you think this card is worth getting, read this article to get all the info you need about this card.

Thus, make sure you read this entire article as we will be giving you some useful info about this credit card.

Having said that, let’s give you a rundown of the Kohl’s Credit Card.

Kohl’s Credit Card Review

Kohl’s credit card offers you 35% off the first purchase made with your new Kohl’s credit card.

Also, you can get a 50% reward or 7.5% cash back on all purchases as a Kohl’s credit cardholder.

You can also save more by merging your discounts with Kohl’s cash rewards. Hence, you can shop from Kohl’s and get monthly free shipping as a Kohl’s credit Cardholder.

However, to enjoy this free shipping, you must spend up to $600 yearly with your Kohl’s credit card

Thus, you can access and manage your Kohl credit card account with ease using the Kohl’s app.

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Kohl’s Credit Card Rewards

Kohl’s rewards come as Kohl’s cash and they expire quickly. Hence, Kohl’s sums up all your rewards at the beginning of each month and gives them to you as Kohl’s cash.

Thus, this Kohl’s cash is likely a gift card that can only be used on Kohl’s purchases.

For instance, if you have a $7.50 reward, you’ll get a $5 Kohl’s cash with a $2.50 reward left in your balance.

Hence, the balance will be carried over to the next month and will expire after a year if not used.

But, note that the Kohl’s Cash reward expires in 30 days, so is best you use it when you get it.

However, this fast expiration of Kohl’s cash reward is a disadvantage of Kohl’s reward program.

Kohl’s Reward Program

The Kohl’s reward program is open to Kohl cardholders and those who don’t have a Kohl card.

Hence, those who do not have a Kohl’s credit card can get 5% cash back on up to $100 purchases.

Whereas, cardholders can get $7.5 cashback (50% reward) on up to $100 spent on purchases.

Thus, these rewards are summed up at the beginning of the month and you’ll given Kohl’s cash.

kohl’s often has the Kohl’s cash earning period that allows you to get a $10 Kohl’s cash certificate on up to $50 spent.

Unlike the cash reward, Kohl’s cash certificates are given instantly. And also they have different expiring times from the cash reward.

However, you can merge both rewards and use them as long as they haven’t expired.

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Note: Kohl’s cash is received via a printed coupon or email depending on how they were earned. But, you can combine both anyway not minding how they were received.

Other Rewards and Perks

Apart from the reward that was mentioned earlier, here are other Kohl’s rewards and perks.

Before we list these rewards and perks, note that some of these rewards are only for cardholders.

Having said that there are other rewards and perks:

  • Card anniversary discount.
  • Birthday offer (often discount during your birthday month).
  • Free shipping (Only for cardholders who spend up to $600 yearly), etc.

Kohl’s Credit Card Interest Rate

Kohl’s credit card has a very high-interest rate. Hence, it has an interest rate of 30.22%.

Thus, is best you pay off your balance in full each month to avoid paying 30.22% interest.

So, make sure you pay your balance in full each month to avoid paying this high-interest rate.

Where Is This Credit Card Accepted?

Well, the kohl’s credit card is accepted only at kohl’s stores or kohls.com. Hence, you can only use your Kohl’s credit card to make purchases at kohl’s stores or kohls.com.

Thus, note that Kohl’s credit card is not a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex credit card.

Kohl’s Credit Card Approval Odds (Credit Score Needed)

Sometimes, when you apply for the Kohl’s credit card, you may get approved instantly.

However, once you’ve been approved for this card, you’ll get 35% off your first purchases.

Hence, you have just 14 days after getting this card to use this discount, unless you’ll lose it.

So, what are the chances of getting approved for the Kohl’s credit card? What credit score do I need to get approved for Kohl’s credit card?

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Well, let’s tell you what you need to know about Kohl’s credit card approval odds.

Thus, if you have a credit score of 60 and above you have a high chances of approval.

Hence, Kohl’s credit card is easier to get approved than most major credit cards.

But, if you have a credit score between 625 and 649, you have a 50% chance of approval.

However, if you have a credit score below 625, you have a high chance of being declined for this card.

Kohl’s Credit Card Application

To apply for the Kohl’s credit card, you must have a good credit score. Also, you must be a frequent shopper at Kohl’s.

However, the steps below will guide you on how to apply for the Kohl’s credit card:

To apply for this card, visit https://kohls.capitalone.com

Next, select the sign-in option if you have a Capital One account to sign up for this card.

But, if you don’t have a Capital One account, select the ‘Set up my account’ option to begin.

Once you’ve selected any of these options, follow the prompts on your screen to sign up for this card.


In summary, this article is a complete guide on all you need to know about Kohl’s Credit Card.

But, if you have any questions, ask them in the comment below. Having said that, thank you for reading!