How To Protect Your Identity When Shopping Online

How To Protect Your Identity When Shopping Online

There are many benefits inherent with shopping online, but be it as it may online shopping still comes with risks which is why you need to know how to protect your identity when shopping online.

One of the risks inherent in online shopping is identity theft. This is when Imposters collect personally identifiable information for sale to hackers. Another setback with online shopping is credit card fraud. Thus, it has become pertinent for online shoppers to know how to protect themselves while shopping online.protect your identity online

How To Protect Your Identity When Shopping Online

Avoid Shopping On A Shared Device In Public

It is best to do your online shopping at home on your computer or Smartphone, where you know your network is secure.

Protect Your Identity Online | Go For Credit Instead Of Debit

In this case, credit cards offer more protection than debit cards from identity theft. If you are making use of a debit card online and someone gains access to your account your checking account can be spontaneously cleaned out. You may likely not get back that money or if you do, it may take some time or you may not get it back at all.

Avoid Storing Information Elsewhere

There is risk associated with storing your information on shopping sites as you may not be able to manage your information elsewhere.

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Once there’s a data breach on the company you shop with, your personal information could be put at risk. It best to enter your personal information each time you shop even though it may take a longer time, than storing your information over a server.

Verify Website Security

Before you make any transactions, ensure you verify the website security to ensure you are on a secure site. To know a secure site, check the site URL. A secure website address begins with an https:// instead of Http:// and also have a small lock icon to the left of the URL.

Make Use of A Disposable Prepaid Credit

Use a disposable credit card, also called a prepaid credit card that works like most gift cards. All you have to do is add a specific dollar amount to the card, and the card stays good until that amount is used up. You can reload the card once the balance hits zero or purchase a new card. If the card is lost, all criminals can gain from the card will be the cash value on the card.

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