How To Pay Arizona State Taxes

Do you know that you are entitled to  Arizona State Tax return? Yes! You are. If you have in anyway worked in Arizona and earned some good cash in the past years, you are entitled to file state tax return.

This return can be filed electronically or you can choose to do it by mail. The guide below will assist you with the tips to filing your return and pay any owned taxes yourself:

How to File Tax online

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Mode or condition of payment will determine where you are to mail your tax payment to. This is dependent on if you want to make payment along with your return.

For those that want make payment along their tax return, you will need to mail the return and payment to:

Arizona Department of Revenue,

P.O. Box 52016,

Phoenix, AZ, 85038.

But, if you are not owing payment, then, you will need to send your return to

Arizona Department of Revenue,

P.O. Box 52138,

Phoenix, AZ, 85038.