How To Pay A New York City Traffic Ticket

High speeding is a violation in New York City. Most of the times, we are pushed to speedup to meet up some life demands, but, end up violating the law of the land. This is what we don’t wish for, but it does happen. So, if you have a ticket for speeding or defaulting the laws of moving in New York City, you can plead guilty and pay. The payment can be done through phone, in person, online or you can choose to pay by mail.

Note: the payment we are talking about is for NYC traffic tickets only. Meaning, you should not confuse it for Parking violation ticket.

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You can make your payment using the:

  • Online: Online is the fastest and the most convenient way to payment. You can pay  at New York State DMV site at
  • Mail: Many don’t know that there is a mailing option. You can send you payment to traffic Violation Plea Unit, P.O. Box 2950 – ESP, Albany, NY, 12220-0950.
  • By Phone: If you know you are better of with phone option of payment, Please call: 718-488-5710.
  • In Person Payment: You can choose to visit the nearest Traffic Violation Bureau Offices. To find out the one closest to you, click here.