You can actually change your credit card due date to a better date in the month that you are most convenient with. If you want to have the flexibility of paying your paycheck by changing your card due date to better improve your cash flow and make your finances feel more comfortable and avoid late payment consequences, here’s what to do.Credit Card Due Date

How To Change Your Credit Card Due Date Over The Phone

You can change your card due date over the phone via a quick call to your card issuer’s customer service. Some card issuers will let you change your due date online or through the mobile app.

How To Change Your Card Due Date Via Other Mediums

For starters, you may have to catch up on any past-due balance, before you can change your card due date. If you’ve come short on your payments and can’t afford to catch up right away, talk to your credit card issuer about making payment arrangements or entering a hardship plan.

If you are all caught up on payments, look at your calendar and your budget and decide which day during the month that will be a better due date.

Since your credit card, due dates fall on the same month, ensure you select a date that occurs every month. Be wary of dates like twenty-ninth, thirtieth, and thirty-eight that do not come up every month, they may not be good due dates.

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Some credit card issuers give you the access to change your credit card due to date online. Just sign in to your online account and look around to see if the option is available.

What To Expect After The Credit Card Due Date Change

It may take a couple of billing cycles for your new due date to be effective. It is advised that you pay close attention to the payment due date on your billing statement to ensure your payments are on time. Immediately your due date change becomes effective, that’s the due date you’ll be using going forward.

After your due date changes the first statement that comes may have a higher finance charge.

If You Can’t Change Your Due Date

Again, If your credit card issuer does not allow you to change your payment due date, you may be able to send your payment earlier in the billing cycle. If you sign up for online billing, you can confirm your payment amount immediately your billing statement is ready other than waiting for it to come in the mail. Ensure you don’t make your payment too early.

You also have the option of changing the due date of another payment, like your phone bill or utility payment. If you change the due date of one of these services, your first payment after the change could include some prorated charges.