How to Apply for JCPenney Reward Credit Card

How to Apply for JCPenney Reward Credit Card

There is every need to join the JCPenney reward Credit Card Today. This card brings you amazing offers that is second to none. With JCPenney Reward Credit Card, users can save as high as 10% and they can earn $10 JCP reward certificate every month with qualifying point.

This account online allows users to see their account history, pay bills online, you can as well use it to visit JP Reward and shop online.

JCPenney Credit Card Instruction and Benefits

Users don’t only gain financial reward on this account, they can as well

  •  See statement of account upto 12 months
  • Users can activate their alerts online
  • You can as well pay your JCPenney Reward Credit Card bill using the online platform.

You can t do all this without setting up an account online with JCPenney. To get these done, new users will be required to provide some details.

Visit JCPenney Reward Credit Card sign up page and click the sign-up button. It will display a list of online form. You will be needed to provide details like

First Name, Last Name

Address, City, State and Zip

Email Address

Annual Net Income

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Length of Time at Current address

Date Of Birthday

Social Security Number

Email Address

Date of Birth

Driver’s License Number, State

Mother’s Maiden Name.

When you are done with all that, click the sign-up button and activate. Now you are account holders.

Benefit of JCPenney Reward Credit Card

With your account active;

You will be automatically enlisted as JCP credit cardholder which qualifies you for JCP Reward membership.

  • You are entitle to earn $10 JCP reward each time you spend up to $100 in qualifying stores or
  • When you make qualifying purchases, you could earn up to $100 each month in JCP reward using JCP card.
  • Users gets Birthday gift.
  • You get Fraud protection mostly in the case of unauthorized use.
  • You can benefit from special promotional financing in Furniture, window purchases and more.

About JCPenney

For those that are new to the services of JCPenney company, Inc, J.C. Penney or JCP, it is a mid-range department store that is popular in Plano Texas, North of Dallas. It presently operates more that 1,107 department stores in the US and Puerto Rico.  It has a long chain of sales merchants offices nationwide in other smaller markets.

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