How to Activate a Credit Card With Ease | DIY

Credit card activation is an essential part of credit card usage. If you don’t activate your credit card today, you are opened to theft and attack. Don’t leave that your inactivated credit card credit card in your house or office without activating it. This article will give you the simple steps to activate a credit card with ease.

There are two simple ways to activate your credit card. You can either do it online or via telephone using a few minutes. These guides below will help you activate your credit card within a few minutes.Activate a Credit Card

1→ Activate your credit card Online

  • On your card, look out for the activation information on in. Every credit card comes with the issuer bank or house website where you can activate the card without visiting the bank. Most times, their website is written in the body of the said credit card. Sometimes, it could be written in the Packard of the credit card.
  • Visit the Website and Setup Account. From here, with the internet enabled device, visit the website and setup up an account. You will surely need an online account to get the card activated. This is where you will need to enter your personal details like your date of birth, your Social Security number, an email address, a password, and an account number. You will need to enter your username which is different from your email. It is not all credit cards that will need your online account for activation.
  • Login to your new Account. With your web account setup, visit your account by logging in using your username and password. Click the “Sign in” button to access your account.
  • Enter your Card Information to Activate Your Card. Now, to complete your credit card activation, you will need to enter your card details like; credit card number, your name, and the security code, it is always written at the back of your card. Your Social Security number is also required, as well as your date of birth.
  • Submit The Details. Once you are through entering the required information, take a review to ensure that the details are correct without mistakes. Click the “Submit” Button or activate in some website to get your credit card activated.
  • Ensure that your card is activated online. Most banks will call or send you an email to notify you if your credit card has been activated. But when you don’t get this email, contact the company for further steps to activate a credit card.
  • Remove the Sticker and the card. This is very important for all card users. Ensure to removing the sticker on your new credit card and sign the card with your name
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2→ How to Activate A Credit Card Using Phone

  • Find the Phone Number. Just the same way you checked for the website of the card provider, check for the phone number as well. It could be on the body of the card or the card package paperwork.
  • Get your Details Ready. Before putting up a call to the card issuer company, ensure that your other information is ready. Details like credit card number, the account number that came with the card, security code on the back of the card, your Social Security number or your date of birth. The rests are your address and full name.
  • Call the Card Company. When you dial the card issuer number, there is the tendency of meeting a voice service, follow the directions given. You may need to enter the information using the keypad. Information like the credit card number, security code and more.
  • Complete the Section. Immediately you finish entering the said information, your card will automatically be activated.
  • Take Off the Sticker, Sign your card. Peel and sticker always come with the activation details on it. Enter your signature at the back of the card for security reasons.

Hope the article on How to Activate a Credit Card was useful?

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