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Green Dot Card is a credit card issued by Green Dot Cooperation. It can be used anywhere to make a purchase. Green Dot Secured Card has low credit card requirements. APR rate is 19.99. Its minimum security deposit is $200 and Card Limit of $200 – $1,000.Green Dot Card

Cancel credit card

Contact the credit card company at to cancel or close your credit card account.

Green Dot Card login

If you are a green dot card user, you will have to complete your green dot card login at or use the steps below.

– Go to the homepage ( you will see the login section at the left of the screen.

– Fill in your Username and Password in the blank spaces provided, and then click the “Log In” button.

Forgot Password

– Card users that can’t retrieve their login password should select the “Forgot Password “link located at the bottom of the login section. (For direct access to the password reset page, click here Link).

– Fill in the following details to recall your password: Account Number, First Name Middle Initial, Last Name, Expiration Date, CVC/CVV Number.

Check Balance

– Users who wish to check their Green Dot Credit Card balance should text Bal Last4″ to 43411 (GD411) where Last4 is the last 4 digits of your card number.

– Users can also visit the balance check page of the Green Dot for further details.

To make payment

– Clients inclined to pay their credit card bills online need to log into their credit score card account following the steps referred to above. As soon as you are logged in, discover the “make payments” choice in order to lead you through the bills technique.

– Cardholders also can order an automobile debit which permits the financial institution immediately pay the bills to the credit card givers without going via too much pressure.

Activate card

– Visit the registration page.

– Fill in your Card Number, Expiration Date and CVV in the blank spaces and press “Continue”.

Customer service

Call: 1-866-795-7597

Mailing Address

Green Dot Corporation

P.O. Box 1187

Monrovia, CA 91017

Corporate Address

Green Dot

P.O. BOX 5100

Pasadena, CA 91117.

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