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Credit Card Giant Eagle Credit Card Login online | Apply Here

Giant Eagle Credit Card Login online | Apply Here

Giant Eagle Credit Card Login online | Apply Here


Giant Eagle Credit Card is issued by Community Bank. It can be used at Faint Eagle Fuel stations. It has low credit card requirements and no introductory APR rate is charged. Normal APR rate is 25.24. Giant Eagle Credit Card Cash Advance APR Rate is N/A, Cash Advance Fee is N/A. No annual fee is required.

If you are a card user, you will have to complete your Giant Eagle Credit Card login online to gain access to your account online.Giant Eagle Credit Card


– Customers enjoy the privilege of 24×7 online account control facilities.

– There is no foreign transaction fee required

– There is no annual fee required

– Every user is entitled to unlimited Fuel Perks

– For every $50 spent, users earn 4 cents per gallon.

Inside Giant Eagle and Get-Go

Giant Eagle Credit Card login

– Go to the homepage ( On the right of the web page that opens you will find the “Sign In” section.

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– Enter User Name and Password and then click on the “Sign In” button.

Forgot Login Name/Password

–  Customers having difficulty in recalling their login Password/User Id should visit the login homepage of Giant Eagle and then find the “Forgot your username or password?” link. It is located towards the bottom of the Sign In section.

– The user will be directed to a new webpage where you will have to enter the following details to find your account and confirm identity: Credit Card Account Number or User Name, Zip Code/ Postal Code, Select ID Type, Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number.

How to apply

– Visit the application page ( Before filling the personal detail form required below, read the terms and conditions required for opening of the account.

– Fill in the following details in the Personal and Contact details Section: First Name, Last Name, Suffix, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Annual Income, Street Address or Rural Route Address, City, State, Zip Code, Email Address, Phone.

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– If you wish to add an authorized user click “Yes, if otherwise click the “No” button

– Click “Continue” to proceed to the verification page. However, you will receive a confirmation message by the company once your status is confirmed.

Check application status

Call customer service at 1-866-869-9354 to check your app. status and then provide their app. reference number.

To cancel credit card

Contact the customer service at 1-866-869-9354

How to make payment

– Customer should log into his/her credit card account following the steps described above. moreover, Once logged in you will find the “Payments” tab on the account dashboard.

– Alternatively, the customer can order an auto debit payment method which gives the credit card company direct access to collect your bills from the bank on the expiry date.

Activate card

Activate your card by calling customer care at 1-866-869-9354.

Customer service

Call: 1-866-869-9354.

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