Get A Bet Control Prepaid Debit MasterCard

A Bet Control Prepaid Debit MasterCard is one of the best debit cards out there. It is a prepaid debit card that you can use to shop online, pay your bills and do any other transaction of your choice. You know identity theft keeps rising on a daily basis especially with credit cards. This is because you are usually required to enroll some personal information before making purchases.

Many individuals in a bid to safeguard their personal information simply go for prepaid debit cards. The Control MasterCard gives you the opportunity to do your online businesses with your card without the risk of giving out your personal financial information. Moreover, the card is a very ideal way of smart banking. It has a lot of interesting features.

Features Of Control Prepaid Debit MasterCard

  • There is a 100% guaranteed approval for all applicants of the Control Card.
  • No overdraft fee
  • There is no annual fee.
  • No late payment fee.
  • It is a debit card
  • The card does not come with any interest charges
  • No purchases APR.
  • There is no credit limit or check.
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The features above are there because the card is a debit card. You only have to spend what is in your account. Nobody sets a credit limit for you unless you set it by yourself in your mobile app of the card.

How To Apply for Control Prepaid Debit MasterCard

  • Go to the Control Prepaid Debit MasterCard website.
  • Fill in an order form for the card.
  • Supply your personal information as they will require. It is often your name, street address, zip code, and email address.
  • After filling the form, they will send a card to your home.
  • To activate your card, follow the instructions that came with it.
  • After the activation process, fund your card and start using it for your transactions.
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Go to any funding center near you to fund and upload cash into your card. You can use the card to make purchases anywhere its logo is accepted. Interestingly, there is nothing like overspending here. You only spend what you have since it is a debit card. In case your money finishes, you won’t make purchases. Also, you do not need to worry about how to pay for what you have spent at the end of the month. Very much better than using a credit card, right?

Furthermore, to manage your money very well, the Control Card account has some personalized features. They include free budgeting tools to help you draft a budget. There are also mobile alerts to inform you about your spending habits and some other helpful features.

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In conclusion, you can try this Control Prepaid MasterCard if you really need a debit card.

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