Best Financial Radio and TV Show

Want to know how to grow your finances without reading a lot of books? Well, this article is a dream come true.

Do you know you can learn how to build your finances by listening to the radio? And also by watching TV?

Read through this article to find out how to build your finances by listening to/watching the radio/TV.

In this article, we will be listening to the best Financial Radio and TV shows that can be helpful.

Hence, if you’re struggling with your finances, this article is what you need right now.

Thus, let’s avoid wasting your time by diving right into today’s article.

Financial Radio and TV Show

  • CNBC

CNBC TV offers several finance TV shows. Hence, they emphasize mainly on the stock market.

Thus you can watch their shows on your TV or stream Live TV here .

  • Fox Business

This is another cable TV that is mainly focused on money. However, Fox Business also has a radio channel that is also focused mainly on money.

Hence, Fox Business. visit for more info.

  • Bloomberg

Bloomberg is also an amazing cable TV channel that offers shows that track the stock market

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And also shows focused on money matters. Hence, they also have a radio station known as Bloomberg Radio.

  • Money Radio 1510

Don’t have access to your TV? You don’t have to worry. Money Radio 1510 is a radio station that focuses on money matters in the Phoenix.

Hence, you can also go to Phoenix, you can also listen to the program online.

  • Marketplace

The national public radio program also offers news and features on economics.

Hence, they focus more on stories with a major focus on personal finance issues.

  • Motley Fool Money

Motley Fool investing site has a radio show mostly in the markets. Hence, even when making purchases, you can also listen to it.

Also, you can listen to the Motley Fool radio show as an online podcast.

  • The Dave Ramsey Show

The popular personal finance writer Dave Ramsey also has a radio show.

Hence, on his radio show, he talks about money matters and personal finance.

Also, you can download his radio show as an audio podcast.

  • The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman

Ric Edelman answers personal finance questions on his TV show. Hence, his TV show known as The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman.

Also, his shows are aired on some public TV Stations and his shows can also be accessed online.

  • The Clark Howard Show

The popular personal finance expert. And also consumer advocate Clark Howard offers his radio Show.

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Hence, his radio show is aired on over 200 radio stations across the United States.

  • The Rich Dad Radio Show

Have you ever read or come across the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad? Well, the popular author of this book in the person of Robert Kiyosaki has a radio show and podcast.

Hence, on his show, he invites several guest interviewees and discusses money matters.

So, if you feel The Rich Dad, Poor Dad was a great book, then you should consider this show.

  • Moneytalk with Bob Brinker

Bob Brinker’s show known as Moneytalk with Bob Brinker is a radio show aired on most radio stations.

Hence, in his show, he talks about investing and personal finance all through.

  • Shark Tank

This show will not teach you how to build your finances. But, it is best for upcoming entrepreneurs.

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Hence, this show offers you a glimpse of how top investors in small companies reason.

Last Word

To sum up this article, we know you have all you need on the best personal finance TV/radio shows.

So, if you want to build your finances, you can consider joining any of these shows.

However, let us know which of these personal finance TV/radio shows is best.

Also, drop your questions in the comment section if you have any questions about this article.

Having said that, Thank You for reading!