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Featured Finances – 20 Ways to Take Control of Your Finances

Finances – 20 Ways to Take Control of Your Finances

Do you want tips to help you control your finances? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn so many ways to control your finances and watch how everything changes for good in your case.Finances

I know some are already in serious debt, many have lots of expenses to make; others are having other financial challenges. Whatever your case is, you can still master control of your finances.

The strategies below will help you.

Control of Your Finances

Cancel Cable

Do you know that you can save hundreds of dollars every month by cutting your cable bill? This simply means removing costly cable services in favor of low-cost streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. This permits you to watch the shows you love without spending a dime.

However, after reviewing many streaming options and you still want to keep your cable provider, downgrade to a cable package with fewer channels. In this way, you save a lot.

Stop Eating Out

Do you know how much you send by eating out frequently? Whenever you go to a nice restaurant, you spend some cool cash. You save more by cooking at home and stocking up your freezer. If you eat at home daily, you will save a lot.

If you want to, start gradually. Cook at home and take lunches to work. It will surprise you to see how much you have to save daily.

Plan a Monthly Menu

Do you know that cooking foods in batches can save you a lot? To do this, plan a monthly menu. Cook in batches, this will help you know the exact groceries you need and buy them in bulk.

Also, you can try menu-planning services like eMeals or PlateJoy. They shop and cook for you. They allow you to choose recipes and have a list of the necessary ingredients sent to your local grocery store for fast pick-up. Don’t forget that this is not free. Review the cost before taking the step.

Pay Off Your Debt

When you have a lot of debt, it is very hard to save, invest or even buy a property. You only spend all your earnings paying the debt. Pay your debts as soon as you can to become financially free. Make a list of all your current debts and find out the minimum amount you owe to remain current with each debt. Analyze your fixed expenses and decide how much of your discretionary spending budget you can be paying monthly.

Further, you can try to reduce the interest rate on the debt by consulting the issuer. Ask for the option to consolidate multiple debts into one debt, or transfer high-interest debt to a low-interest credit card, such as a balance transfer card. Spend properly and pay your debt.

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Study about Personal Finance

Why not get some financial books off the shelf and help yourself. Have you heard the popular saying that there’s money in books? Knowledge is also Power, you need to learn about personal finances from books written by experts. From books, you can learn the best ways to manage your money.

Further, to increase your savings, you can buy used financial books online or borrow them for free at your local library. You can even go to to download and read financial articles for free. For those who prefer to get the information by ear, they can go for audiobooks.

Spend on budget

When you create a budget, you simply plan your expenses based on your income. From the income, you draft out what you will spend, save and invest. In this way, you won’t spend on impulse since you already have a plan. When it comes to changing your finances, get a budget.

Start by, writing down your income and all your expenses, and then subtract the expenses from the income to determine your discretionary spending. Also, at month-end, set up a budget to allocate how to spend the funds you usually get. Consistently track your spending to know if you are sticking to the budget.

Those who spend more than their earnings, they can cut down on unnecessary expenses or earn more. Revise your budget and implement the revised budget the next month to begin living within your means.

Cut down on Monthly Bills

When you cut your monthly expenses, you save more and feel at ease. Why not cut down on variable expenses like groceries, clothing, entertainment, and some others. If maintaining your car is expensive, take a taxi. For the groceries, buy them from shops you can get them cheaper. Also, you can try second-hand clothes.

Say no to credit cards or Stop Using Your Credit Cards

Credit card money is a debt. A debt you will still payback. Just know that spending on your credit card means getting into more debt. Anything you cannot buy with your money within this period, avoid it. Avoid your credit cards, you can even hide them.

Manage Your Student Loans

First, try to qualify for a student loan forgiveness program, or add them to your debt payment plan. This is an ideal way to control your student loans and improve your finances.

You can make a full extra payment every year. Many lenders reduce your interest rate by around 0.25% when you sign up to make automatic loan payments.

Start Saving Each Week

Saving is very important if you really want to improve your personal finances. This is a passive approach to taking control of your finances. You can open and direct money into an interest-bearing savings account on a regular basis. Ensure that you deposit the money all the time within the specified time. Save, no matter how little it is.

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Find Additional Sources of Income

Financial issues usually come when people do not earn enough money.  If you fall into this group, get a budget and spend within your means. You can diversify your income and make more money.

Improve Your Job Skills

Go for a job that is paying well and secure. You can also get a high-income skill. Today, you can learn skills like copywriting, web design, and lots more. These skills are high-income skills and give lots of money.

Get Insured

Get insurance because we don’t know what the future holds. There are so many types of insurance like car insurance, renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, and if your employer doesn’t provide it, health insurance. Insurance protects you in times of disaster or catastrophe.

Enjoy Employee Benefits

Some companies give employee benefits like dental insurance, vision insurance, and flexible spending accounts. If your company does so, enjoy them.

Manage Your Student Loans

This means to stop spending some time.  Decide on your own how long you want to avoid spending. Also, stick to it too. Make exceptions for only food, transportation, and recurring bills. You can change your spending habits, and evaluate what you need and remove it from what you want.

Set Up a Financial Plan

A financial plan is very important. It can help you achieve your financial goals. It’s almost like a budget but covers you for some years.  The financial plan enables you to prioritize your goals. In your financial plan, add; buying a home, saving for retirement, and paying for your kids’ college education.

Set achievable Goals

Don’t just set goals; make the goals that you can easily achieve. For instance, if you want to build a house, consider the percentage of your income that can help you achieve your goal and save it.

What if you have debt? Don’t set a goal to pay off $30,000 in debt in a single year when your salary is only $30,000. This only means that you won’t be able to do any other thing at all such as buying groceries, paying rent, eating, taking care of bills, and lots more.

Carefully follow your goals to see how far you have gone. You can even try websites that allow you to monitor your investment portfolio gains and losses over time. These tools can help you stay on track and reach your long-term goals.

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You can earn actively or passively. To earn passively, you can invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, or other financial instruments. You can build a lot of wealth here even without working at all. If you don’t have prior knowledge of investing, enroll in a class on investing basics, meet with a financial advisor, or talk to a trusted family member or friend who has experience in the area. Investing consistently and spreading your money in the right places can help you make a lot of money.

Protect Your Savings

It is not enough to save each month, avoid spending from your savings. If you buy something on impulse from your savings you will have a problem. To avoid this problem, move your savings to a CD, from a brick-and-mortar bank where the funds are easily accessible to an online bank.

Increase Retirement Savings

This is very important; if you are saving for your retirement, increase the savings especially when it is very close. Retirement involves a lot of expenses which makes it expensive. It is best to start saving for retirement when you start your first job.

Also, save based on your earnings. You can decide to save a certain amount or percentage of it. For people in their 20s, they can get by with a contribution rate of 10% to 15% of your income. However, if you are in your 50s should contribute 60% of your pay toward retirement.

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