Fifth Third Platinum Mastercard Login Online | Apply Now

Fifth Third Platinum Mastercard Login Online | Apply Now


Fifth Third Platinum Mastercard Annual Fee is needed. It’s Cash Advance APR is 24.99. Its Cash Advance Fee is either 5$ or 4% whichever is greater. Late Payment Fee is up to $35. Purchases APR varies from 10.99 – 23.99.Fifth Third Platinum Mastercard

Fifth Third Platinum Mastercard login

– As Card users, Navigate to the homepage and find the login option on the top right-hand side of your screen. There you will be able to fill both fields requesting your security credentials before logging in successfully.

 Card Forgot User ID or Password

– Incase you lost your security information, click on the blue, underlined link below the security fields to be taken to the step below where you will need to enter your Internet Banking ID. The following steps will have you answering your pre-selected security questions before you can create a new password.


– Card Users will revel 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for first 15 months.

 How to apply For Fifth Third Platinum Mastercard

– Visit the Platinum MasterCard card summary page and press on the Enroll Now link shown under.

– If you are already an online banking customer, fill in your security credentials into the fields of the window on the left. If you are a new customer, you must first enter your ZIP Code before proceeding.

– This is just a page which double checks that the Platinum MasterCard is indeed the one you would like to enroll for. It will also inform you that this card is only available less than one name.

– You will then be asked to provide the following information into the fields under Full Name, Full Physical Address, Whether you rent or own, and Monthly housing payment. Enter to show whether your address has changed in the past 3 months, Phone Number, Email, SSN, Date of Birth, Driver’s License Number, State Issued, Expiration date of Driver’s License

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– You will then have to input in the status of your employment as well as how much money you gross a year, the name of your employer and the phone number related to them. On top of that, you will be asked how long you have worked for that particular employer. Based on the details you just gave, they will ask you a number of questions to approve your identity.

– With your personal and financial details given, all you will be asked to do is run over the features and options this card has to offer as well as read over the disclosures (terms and conditions) and confirm them before your enrollment can be processed.

Activate card                                                 

– Card activation is made easy by calling this digits- 1 (800) 972-3030.In case you wish to register for an online account, click the link above to be directed to the homepage. There you will see the register option beneath the log in heading.

– You will then be directed to a page that will ask if or not you have one of the below accounts.

– If you choose Yes, you will be asked to log in through the process shown below.

– Again, If you choose No, two options will present themselves. If you have an auto, installment or mortgage loan you will be presented with the form directly underneath.

If you don’t have any of those loans, you will need to dial the number shown in the second window. In both these cases, you will be asked to select a username, password and create security questions before you are given access to an account.

Customer service

Inquiries: 1 (800) 972-3030.

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