Farm Sanctuary Credit Card Login Online | Apply Now

Farm Sanctuary Credit Card Login Online | Apply Now


Farm Sanctuary Credit Card is a credit card issued by UMB Bank. No Signup Bonus. Annual Fee is $0. Its Cash Advance APR is 24.99. Its Cash Advance Fee is 3% of the amount of the Cash Advance, with a $15 minimum and a $50 maximum. Farm Sanctuary Credit Card Late Payment Fee is up to $35. Purchases APR 13.99% to 17.99% APR, based on creditworthiness.

Farm Sanctuary Credit Card

Farm Sanctuary Credit Card login

– First and Foremost, go to the UMB homepage

– Once there input your User ID in the provided field and choose Next. On the next page, you will be asked to submit your Password before being given access to your online account.

Forgot Password/Username

– Card users If you have forgotten your login information please select the Forgot User ID? link and you will be redirected to a retrieval page.

– Choose your account type and input your card number, the last five digits of your Social Security number. The rest is the expiration month/year of your card, and your statement ZIP code before choosing Validate your account. Once completed you will be given a new password or your username, whichever had been lost.


– Customers must have a percentage of every purchase made goes towards the Farm Sanctuary charity.

 Application criteria

  • Customers must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Customer must be a resident of the United States of America.
  • Customer must have a valid Social Security Number (SSN).

How to apply For Farm Sanctuary Credit Card

– In order to access the secure enrollment page, you will need to first go to the Farm Sanctuary credit card homepage. Once there select your desired card art and click apply now to proceed on to the enrollment.

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– To finish this section of the enrollment you will need to input the following information into the fields given: Full Name, Date of Birth, SSN, Mother’s Maiden Name. The rest are Email Address, Full Address, Length at Residence, Phone #, Corgi Rescue Credit Card

– You are not required to submit the following financial information in order to continue with the enrollment: Employment Status, Position, Employer Name. Enter as well Length of job, Previous Employer Name, Position, Length of the job. Others are Work Phone #, Residence Status, Monthly Housing Payment, Primary Financial house, Gross Annual Salary. Finally, enter Gross Annual Other Income, Corgi Rescue Credit Card.

– You may add an authorized user to this credit account at this point if you would like to do so.

– Read the terms and conditions and, if you assert, choose to submit to officially turn over your enrollment to UMB for checking.

Activate card

– Activate your new card by contacting the customer service using this phone number- 1 (800) 860-4862.

– To register a new account with UMB choose the link above and then choose Apply Online to be taken to the sign up form.

– You will then be requested to choose your account type and input your card number. Enter the last five digits of your Social Security number, the expiration month/year of your card, and your ZIP code before confirms your account.

– The subsequent pages will task you with creating an Online ID, reviewing your details, and creating a security profile before your card can be set on. Once done, however, your American Paint Horse union credit card will be ready to be used to make purchases.

Customer service

Contact: 1-800-821-5184 to get to a customer care agent.

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