Famzoo Card: FamZoo PrepaidDebit Card Review

FamZoo prepaid debit card review has been compiled to guide parents as they prepare their kids for the financial journey. FamZoo card is designed such that both parents and teens can have access to the card.famzoo card

What’s Unique About FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card?

Funds can be transferred between accounts on a recurring basis if necessary with the card.

Parents who want to start building responsibility can tie the card to jobs and chores.

Parents are given the ability to lock and unlock either to control access to the card or as an extra layer of security to safeguard against fraud and unauthorized purchases.

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There’s no charge of fees for reloads on FamZoo prepaid debit card, although some providers may charge their own fees. Also, there’s no fee for direct deposit.

Parents may decide to have some of their pay direct deposited to the FamZoo as a source of funds. This is most beneficial since transfers between cards are free and instant.

FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card Downsides

The one thing that is not so good about the card is that you must have a paid FamZoo subscription, which is $5.99 per month, to use the card for the whole family.

ATM Fee which is free for in-network but varies by out-of-network.

Who Benefits More From FamZoo?

For parents who want to help their teen children manage their money.

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If you want to layer on other functions to dig into what money management looks like with your kids, then you should try FamZoo.


FamZoo does not save your passwords and other personal details, which makes it a secure website. If you create an IOU account, you can be sure your money isn’t at stake which makes you feel secure.

For Prepaid card accounts, your information is stored with TransCard, which is a credit processor certified by the MasterCard Network, which makes use of the latest security protocols for its customers.

Famzoo Card Alternatives

Bankaroo is a good alternative to FamZoo. This card is designed for kids and accommodates kids who are younger than FamZoo accepts.

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PiggyBot is another alternative, although it is only available on Apple devices. It offers a simple way to track spending, saving, giving, and to help kids save towards goals.

Customer Service Response

FamZoo has a FAQ section that takes care of your questions. You can also contact FamZoo via their website, and expect an email response within an hour or two-even on the weekends.

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