Fairway Mortgage Login, Payment, Customer Support

This article will unveil to you key details and information about Fairway Mortgage. Most users spell it as Fairway loan, but it is still the same service.

Are you a Fairway Mortgage user? Then, read on to get the best tips you will ever have need of. The few lines below will grant you all the help you will need to:

  • Access your account online
  • Make Your payment
  • And reach out to a customer’s service support for assistance and, for questions that borders you.

Log in toFairway Mortgage Account Online

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Customer Service & Support Pay Via Phone

  • Can I connect my Buckeye Cable By Phone? Yes,
  • Call account customer service phone number here: 1-800-201-7544.

Mortgage Payment Address

You can make your mortgage payment through mail. You can mail your payment using the address below:
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
P.O Box 117298
Carrollton, TX 75011

The address above is for the first payment. Customers that have made their first payment will have their address payment address changed. For your subsequent payment, send your payment to:
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
P.O. Box 11733
Newark, NJ 07101-4733

There are tendencies for a change of your mortgage agent. After your first payment, do well to see is your mortgage is still being managed by Fairways of if it had been transferred to different loan serving company

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The above tips applies only to Fairway-owned loan. Just as we have established earlier, there are tendencies for transfer of your mortgage after your first payment.

So, if your loan originated from Fairway, but, transferred to another loan service company (which is always the case), do well to contact the new serving company for account login and payment details. What does that mean? The information above will no more serve your purpose.