EverCard Visa Platinum Credit Card Review


Evercard Visa Platinum credit card is powered by Chase Bank. It does not come with Signup Bonus.

There is also no Annual Fee. EverCard Visa Platinum Credit Card Cash Advance APR 21% APR. Cash Advance Fee $2.50 or 2.5% of the amount, whichever is greater.

Late Payment Fee  Less than $1000=None, $1000 – $2000 = $15, Greater than $2000 = $25, Purchases APR 10%.Evercard Visa Platinum Credit Card

Evercard Visa Platinum Credit Card login Steps

– Follow this link to the EverBank homepage and find the field displayed under on the right side of the page. Under the More categories, you’ll find the option to Manage Credit Card.

– You will then be navigated to the eZCardinfo website where you will have access to the Username field. On a secondary page, you will be able to finish inputting your security credentials to proceed to your online account.

Forgot password/username

– In the case that you’ve forgotten your username or password, select the link in blue below whichever field applies. You will then be asked to enter your 16 digit card number before being taken to the pages in which you will respond to the security questions you created upon registration.


– Points option= 1 point per dollar spent Cash option= 1% cash back on each dollar spent

 How to apply

–  Go to the card summary page and press on the green Enroll Now link that’s shown under.

– You will be required to select the type of account you enrolling for as well as input your full name and email address.

– You will have to detail further exactly what type of personal account you wish to open and if you wish, you can answer how you heard about EverBank.

– The following step will have you creating a security code as an added measure.

– You will be required to press on the terms and conditions link, choose Done and then check off the box to proceed.

– You can now select between Cash or Points Rewards. None is also an option, but I would recommend taking advantage of the programs as they don’t cost any extra fee.

– Kindly input the following personal details: Full Name, SSN, Birthday, Mother’s Maiden Name, Country of Citizenship

– The following data will be required: Home Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number, Address, Whether you rent or own. You will still need to enter Monthly housing payment, If you’ve lived there for at least three months, If it’s the same as your mailing address

– The following job details will be needed: State of employment, Employer’s name, Length of employment in years and months. The rests are Position/Title, Personal income, Household Income, Work number, Work address.

– You have the option to add a co-applicant and fill out their details accordingly.

– You will be required to open and save all the terms and conditions as shown underneath. The ones relating to the rates and fees associated with the card have been linked here. If you agree to all of them, check off both boxes to send your card in for review.

Activate card

– To activate your card, call this number – 1 (866) 604-0380 and speak to a customer service representative. For secure registration, follow the link above and choose the Apply Now link on the eZCardinfo homepage. You will be required to input your credit card number as well as information your security credentials and provide certain pieces of personal details before account access is granted.

Customer service

Call Credit Card Company at 1 (888) 882.3837.