Evans Bank Small Business Rewards Credit Card Review

Evans Bank Small Business Rewards Credit Card Review


Evans Bank Small Business Rewards Credit Card is issued by TCM Bank. No Annual Fee is needed. It’s Cash Advance APR is 24.24(APR will vary with the market based on Prime Rate). Evans Bank Small Business Rewards Credit Card Cash Advance Fee is either $10 or 3% of each cash advance, whichever is greater.Evans Bank Small Business Rewards Credit Card

Late Payment Fee is up to $39. Purchases APR varies from 12.24 to 22.24 (APR will vary with the market based on Prime Rate).

Evans Bank Small Business Rewards Credit Card

– To begin, find your way to the TCM Bank account management website, mycardstatement.com.  You click the link. Once there, input your Username and press login to continue to the next step of the login process.

– You will then be asked to provide the answer to a security question. These security questions were set up during your account enrollment process.

Once you have entered the correct answer, press Continue. In the next step, you will need to provide your password before you can be granted access to your account.

Forgot username

– If you have forgotten your username, no need to worry because you can easily recover it. Go to the primary login page and press the Forgot your username link.

Then, in the Forgot Username window, Input your Credit Card Number into the indicated field before pressing the Begin Forgot Username tab. In the steps that follow, you will be able to recover your username and regain access to your online account.


–  Card Users will receive 1 point per $1 spent on all procurement.

–  Card Users reveal 0% APR for the first six billing cycles from the date of account opening

Application criteria

– Applicants must be at least 18 years of age

– Applicants must have a valid SSN

– The Applicants must have a valid TIN

– Applicants must have a valid US mailing address

 How to apply

–  To begin, find your way to the Evans Bank credit card page and press the Business Credit Cards link to go ahead.

–  The pop-up window shown under will appear to notify you that you will need to answer a few qualifying questions. Press Continue.

–  Next, press either Yes or No to indicate if your business is a non-profit organization.

– Select Yes or No to indicate if your business has annual revenues in excess of $7 million or has 50 or more employees.

–  Then, press Apply Now beside Small Business Rewards to access your enrollment form.

–  To conclude your enrollment, you will need to provide a substantial amount of details. Any field on the enrollment that is filled in grey is required details. Start by inputting the following details into the indicated fields: Legal name of a business, Company name, Business street address (city, state, ZIP code), If a street address is the same as the mailing address.

–  Next, you will be required to input all of these details enlisted underneath into the required boxes. Mailing address (if different from street address), Business phone number, Business website, Business contact, Primary phone number, Email address

–  All of the listed details below are required details to be inputted as shown: Tax identification number, Nature of business, Annual business revenue, Years in business under the current owner, Number of employees, State of legal formation, Business type.

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–  Beneath Principal 1, first, indicate if you would like to enroll for joint credit. Then, you will need to input the following personal details: Full name, Business title, Home street address (city, state, ZIP code)

–  You will then be asked to input all of the following additional details: Housing status, Monthly housing payment, SSN, Date of birth, Mother’s maiden name

– At this point, you are asked to input the below details.

Details: Primary phone number, Work phone number, Alternate phone number, Percentage of ownership, Gross monthly income

– If you are an insider of TCM Bank, you must press the checkbox situated in the disclaimer. To add other cardholders to this account with a 20%+ ownership in your business, press Add another Principal and input the requisite details. When you have concluded this page of the enrollment, press Next to continue.

–  In this step, you must first input your requested Total Credit Line Amount into the indicated field. Next, you will need to fill in the following details for each principal cardholder: Name on card, SSN, Credit limit, Date of birth.

– Once done entering the above details, input your name in the indicated space and tick the box indicating that you are certified to request credit cards before continuing to the next step.

– At this point, if you would like to perform balance transfers, press the Add Balance Transfer link and input the following details for each transfer: Account number, Name of a creditor, Payment address (city, state, ZIP code), Amount of transfer ($500 minimum).

– If you have a Bank Contact that you would like to include in your application, provide their information here. Below that, you can add any additional comments regarding your application into the large blank field.

– TCM Bank requires that you supply documentation to validate your business. You can either upload your documents here, or continue with your enrollment and input the required documents at a later date. If you have an Evan’s Bank Branch Number and CSRID input them here. Press Next to go ahead.

–  Lastly, review the terms and conditions for this card to make sure that you agree with them. If you accede to the terms, mark the little check box indicating that you agree to the terms. Go through the paragraph regarding the necessary technical requirements and tick the box that states that you meet these requirements. Press Submit to submit your enrollment for review.

Activate card

– Call this activation number – 1 (800) 883-0131 to activate your new card with the assistance of a TCM Bank agent. To manage your credit card finances online, you will need to apply in online banking with TCM Bank. To apply, press the Secure Registration at the top and input your Credit Card Number on the application page before. Hit Begin Application and by following the instructions in the steps that follow, you will be able to quickly set up your personalized online banking account.

– That the end of our application guide.

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