Electrical Plug Requirements for Portugal: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you plan on going to Portugal? If yes pause don’t pass this article as it may be very useful to you.

Have you ever wondered about the type of electrical sockets you can find in Portugal? I know, most people hardly think in this direction.

Well, Portugal usually makes use of the types C and F electrical sockets. So, when packing your bag for a trip to Portugal, make sure you pack the right adapter.

In this article, we will tell you the type of electrical socket you can find in Portugal.

Also, we will recommend the best adapter to carry along on a trip to Portugal.

But, make sure you read through this article to get every info you need

So, before you begin, that trip to Portugal, let’s guide you.

Type of Electrical Plugs needed in Portugal

  • TYPE F

Type F plug is often used in places like; Germany, Austria, Norway, Portugal, and Finland.

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It is also used in places like; Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, and Eastern Europe.

Hence, the Type F plug is similar to the Type C plug. But, it is round and has extra indentations with conductive clips at the top and bottom.

  • TYPE C

Type C plugs are used in all countries across Europe. But it cannot be used in Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, and the United Kingdom.

Thus, Type C plugs are two-wire plugs ungrounded and unpolarized. They have two round prongs.

However, type C plug sockets are not allowed to be installed in Portugal. Hence, they are considered not earthed and dangerous.

But with the help of a compatible Type F adapter, Type C plugs can be used in Portugal.

Voltage and Frequency in Portugal

The main voltage in Portugal is 230 V. Hence, this voltage is incompatible with most US appliances.

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So, if you plan to take any appliance with you to Portugal, make sure is not above 230 V.

Hence, for Items like laptops, its voltage often ranges from 100 – 240V. So before you carry any appliance to Portugal make sure is below 230 V.

If you’re not sure about the voltage of a particular item, you’ll have to use a transformer to operate your appliance.

Hence, it is dangerous and unsafe to operate appliances at higher voltages.

Hence, it can damage the appliance or even lead to a fire outbreak and may cause serious injury to the operator.

However, the frequency in Portugal is 50 Hz. Hence, this is a bit lower than in the US frequency.

Thus, items like; hairdryers may function a little slower than usual.

But, this is no cause for alarm as it can lead to any damage or serious injury.

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In summary, the only power point permitted in Portugal is type F.

Hence, they are said to be grounded and considered slightly safer.

However, Type C power points can also be used with the help of a compatible type F adapter.

So, if you plan on travelling to Portugal soon this article is a good guide for you.

If you would like to ask any questions about this article, leave them in the comment.

Having said that, thank you for reading!

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