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Eastman Credit Union otherwise known as ECU was founded in September 1934 with the aim to originally serving employees of the Tennessee Eastman Chemical Company. ECU is insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and is headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee.Eastman Credit Union

ECU expanded it’s services in 2005 to include a community charter, opening membership to the wider community and has its current CEO in the person of Olan O. Jones. Eastman Credit Union has a membership of 183,317 and $3,633,286, 197 in assets. It stands as the largest credit union in the state of Tennessee in the asset.

Residents in the following counties can apply for Membership:


  • Lee
  • Scott
  • Wise
  • Washington
  • Dickenson
  • Russell


  • Sevier
  • Greene
  • Washington
  • Hawkins
  • Hancock


  • Gregg
  • Harrison

Also, membership is open to employees of companies that have partnered with ECU and their immediate families with the largest of these companies being Eastman Chemical Company and Food City.

 Products & Services

ECU offers extraordinary products and services which makes life just a little easier.

The ECU Difference

Offers an extraordinary difference that you feel immediately you walk inside ECU doors. It goes above and beyond for you.

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Better Rates

ECU maintains low rates on loans and higher than average rates on deposits. ECU takes its rates seriously and is constantly monitoring its rates and account features to give the best overall products possible.

Convenient Access

Enjoy online access to open new accounts, monitor your existing accounts, transfer funds, make payments, etc. There’s also 24/7 fraud monitoring for your card accounts.

Identity Theft & Fraud

Building Wealth for the Classroom

This is a great teaching tool that is offered to guide beginners in securing their financial future from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Eastman Credit Union Phone Number

Routing/Transit Number


Wherever life takes you, you can be sure Eastman Credit Union is by your side. It currently evolves offering you resources for life that makes your financial life a little bit easy and fulfilling. Get on board Eastman Credit Union today and take a trip with this unique credit union.

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