Culinary Careers List – Chef/ Cooking Jobs with or without Culinary Arts

Do you have a passion for cooking and will want to study culinary art?

Are you concerned about the types of jobs or career paths open to chefs?

Well, in this article, we will list all the popular career paths open to you as a chef.

However, most culinary graduates are known to end up in places they least imagined.

Hence, let this be a starting point for you as you look to your future

Thus, let’s give you a list of the popular culinary career paths.

Culinary Careers List

  • Executive Chef and Sous Chef (Head Cook and Cook)

Most people picture themselves in this position when pursuing a culinary career.

An executive chef is a well-skilled expert cook who heads the operations of a restaurant. As well as a dining facility.

Hence, they head operations at a free-standing restaurant, and a hotel restaurant. And also in a large cooperate kitchen.

However, you’ll not start your culinary career as a boss, unless you decide to open a restaurant.

Whereas a Sous Chef is a second-in-command. They supervise cooks and oversee daily activities.

Hence, if you want to be an executive chef this is the last step to becoming one. Thus Sous Chef does most of the work while the executive chef gets the glory.

Also, if the Sous chef fails in his or her duties, the executive chef takes all the criticism.

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Thus, in smaller kitchens, executive chefs are known as Head cooks. While Sous Chefs are called Assistant cooks.

  • Chef de Partie

A Chef de Partie is a trained chef who handles a section of the kitchen known as a station.

Hence, in some kitchens, we have Chef de Parties like; Grill Chef, Fish Chef, Fry Chef, Roast Chef, etc.

Also, Chef de Parties may have entry-level cooks like; prep cook, line cook, etc.

  • Pastry Chef

A pastry chef is a culinary expert who focuses more on pastries. Hence, he or she specializes in pastries, desserts, candies, bread, etc.

Hence, a pastry chef often works in restaurants, bakeries, and hotels. As well as other food service organizations.

  • General Manager

A General Manager heads the management of a restaurant or food service organization.

They supervise and oversee everything that affects customer experience. As well as the growth of operations.

This includes food quality, decision-making, reporting, and every other thing.

  • Food and Beverage Director

A food or beverage director may mean different things in different organizations.

But, their major duty is ensuring that food and beverage operations are okay. As well as meet the needs of consumers/customers.

Hence, they handle the menu development, report management, etc.

  • Catering Manager/Director

A Catering Manager or Director carries out a series of operations. Hence, they are in charge of planning and fulfillment of large parties and events.

Also, they can operate both onsite and offsite. They handle client contact and menu planning.

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Thus, they also supervise staff before and during the event.

  • Purchasing Manager/Buyer

A Purchasing Manager or Buyer plays an important role in any organization.

They decide which food to buy, who to buy from, and what quantity should be bought. And also the price at which they should be bought.

Hence, the larger the organization, the more important this position.

  • Restaurant Sales

This position was created to bring people to large events. Hence, most restaurant or food service organizations may have positions for restaurant Sales.

  • Restaurant Owner

Most people dream of being their boss, Well a Restaurant owner, gives you the chance to be your boss.

Most times we find several culinary expects in kitchens. As well as restaurants before becoming an owner.

  • Food Truck Owner

Being a restaurant owner and a food truck owner is almost the same thing as being a restaurant owner.

Hence, there may be differences in menu, finance, and environment. But owning a food truck still makes you your boss.

  • Waiter/Waitress

Most people take being a waiter or waitress as a side job or a stepping stone. Hence, there are elite restaurants where you can make a fine living off being a waiter or waitress.

However, a waiter/waitress is an expert that handles food-serving and drink-serving.

He or she can work in bars, restaurants, and hotels. As well as other food servicing or drink servicing organizations.

  • Bartender

A Bartender is like a waiter or waitress. He or she can make a fine living off being a bartender in premier restaurants.

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Hence, he or she can work in bars, restaurants, hotels, and other drink-serving organizations.

  • Personal Chef

A personal chef is a skilled pro hired to prepare specific meals for clients.

Hence, they can prepare these meals either in clients’ kitchens or in their kitchen.

Other culinary

Aside from the culinary career path mentioned above, below are other culinary you can try out:

  • Cooking Instructor
  • Sommelier
  • Butcher
  • Cheesemaker/Cheesemonger
  • Brewmaster
  • Winemaker
  • Urban Farmer
  • Restaurant Equipment/Supply Sales
  • Dietitian/ Nutritionist
  • Food Scientist/ Food Technologist
  • Quality Assurance/Food Safety Manager


If you have a passion for cooking and would want to study culinary art, these are some career paths to consider.

Hence, in this article, we were able to mention some career paths for Culinary Jobs.

Thu, if you have questions about this article, drop your question in the comment below.

Having said that, Thank you for reading!