Credit Cards that Make Use of TransUnion for Credit Card Approval

Some credit cards uses TransUnion Credit Scores to decide a credit card approval.

Hence, in this article, we will be listing some credit cards that use TransUnion for approval.

Thus, make sure you read this article closely to know which credit card uses this credit bureau.

Before we begin, let’s brief you about TransUnion.


TransUnion is a consumer credit reporting agency. Hence, they gather and compile info on different consumers in over 30 countries. Thus, they also provide credit reports and other credit card services to consumers.

Let’s have a look at credit cards that uses TransUnion for credit card approval.

Credit Cards That Use TransUnion for Approval

Here is a list of some credit cards that uses TransUnion for approval:

What is TransUnion Credit Score Used For?

These credit scores are calculated by applying numerical data to the info on a credit report.

Hence, most lenders use this score to check for the creditworthiness of applicants.

Thus, the credit score gives creditors a glimpse of a person’s credit history.

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However, those with high credit scores often get quicker for these Credit Cards.

Also, these set of people tend to get lower APR when applying for the best Transunion credit cards.

Is TransUnion a Reliable Credit Score?

Transunion is reliable as long as lenders rightly report data to the bureau. Hence, it is normal for Transunion credit scores to differ from the other credit bureaus. This is based on credit score calculations and the info provided by creditors.

Which Banks Use TransUnion Only?

Some banks use Transunion to get credit info for credit card and loan applicants.

Hence, when a bank uses Transunion, they usually use the services of one credit bureau.

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But, that doesn’t mean that they can’t use credit reports from Experian and Equifax.

However, here are some banks that use Transunion:

What’s a Good TransUnion Score?

According to TransUnion, a good credit score is between 720 and 780.

Final Words

In conclusion, this article has a list of some credit cards that use TransUnion for approval.

Hence, read through this article to check if your card is among these credit cards.

Thus, if you have any questions on the above article, leave them in the comment session.

Having said that, thank you for reading!