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This article will unveil to you key details and information about CoMed. Most users spell it as CoMed, but it is still the same service.

Are you a CoMeduser? Then, read on to get the best tips you will ever have need of. The few lines below will grant you all the help you will need to:

  • Access your account online
  • Make Your card payment
  • And reach out to a customer’s service support for assistance and for questions that borders you.

Log in to CoMed Account Online

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Payment Address


P.O. BOX 6111

Carol Stream, IL 60197-6111

Customer Service & Support

  • Phone: For those in poor or no internet coverage areas, using the phone option becomes the wisest choice. To make your payment over the phone, dial the customer service number: 1-800-588-9477.

Can I pay my C Spire Bile By Phone?

Yes! All Business Customer users of Comed can call 1-877-426-6331 to make their payment without stress.

Through Automatic payment

The AutoPay format if the most preferred. When you activate auto pay, your monthly bill is paid straight from your bank account. It doesn’t come with extra bill. All autopay users will not worry about late payment

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Simply log in Comed and choose AutoPay option and complete the form. Pay Bill Comed become an ease with AutoPay.

Can I have Comed Payment Date extended?

Comed users can have their payment date extended. But, this is depended on some crucial conditions below. This include:

  • Not having any summary bill account
  • Such user must not in budget billing
  • Such users must not have any current active Payment arrange
  • Having saving a status of disconnect or pending disconnect will not be allowed.
  • Those that are having automatic payment schedule within the next 5 days cannot get payment extension.
  • You must not have an active Due Date Extension
  • Such users must not have had Due Date Extension in the past 12 months