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It is a credit card issued by First National Bank of Omaha. Chrysler MasterCard online can be used at Chrysler Jeep and Dodge. It has good credit card requirements and no introductory APR rate is charged. Normal APR rate is 25.24 and no annual fee is charged.  You need Chrysler MasterCard Login Online to access your online account.Chrysler MasterCard


Users will receive 3% back on purchases made only at

– Users will earn 3% Back for each $1 of eligible purchases made at 3% Back does not apply to purchases made at,, The rest are;,, or any other website operated by, its affiliates, and subsidiaries.

– Users can also earn 2% back for each $1 spent in the following rewards.

Categories: gas stations; drugstores; office supply stores; restaurants. This equals to $0.02 in % Back rewards, which is equal to 2 points, for each $1 spent.

– Users earn 1% back for each $1 spent on all other purchases. This equals to 1 point, for each $1 spent.

– No Annual Fee

Application criteria

User must be at least 18 years of age.

– The User should have a valid account.

– User should not have any field for bankruptcy.

How to apply

–  Visit the homepage ( ) of the Chrysler MasterCard. Click on the “Apply Now” button which is located towards the left of the “Log In” widget.

– As you click on the Link above you will be directed to a new web page where you are required to complete the enrolment form with the

Required data.

– Preview the details you just provided and then hit “Continue”. Then your account will be confirmed. You will be taken ahead to the online login console.

How to check status

– Cardholders who wish to check their credit card application status should open the homepage of the First National Bank. They can then look for the “View Application Status” link towards the top right of the screen. (For directly approaching the application status page click here Link.)

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– Cardholders should enter the following information to check their application status.

Personal Credit Card Application: ZIP code, Last Four Digits of SSN, Home Phone Number.

Commercial Credit Card Application: Business ZIP code, Last Four Digits of SSN, Business Phone Number.

Cancel credit card

Call 1-888-247-4080 to close an account.

Chrysler MasterCard Login Online

–  Cardholders can visit the credit card’s homepage ( ). On reaching the web page look for the login widget towards the top left of the screen.

– Once you find the login section provide your user id in the blank space and then press “Login” to proceed with the process.

Finally, User will be navigated to a new web page. Enter your password below and click on ‘Submit’. If the information entered are correct you will be taken ahead to your account dashboard from where User will be approved complete control over your account.

Forgot password

Card users that forgot their password should select the ‘forgot password’ at the bottom of the login page of the bank.

Enter your username in the page you will be transferred to and provide the requested security details in the spaces provided and click ‘submit’ to get a new password.

To make payment

– Users that wish to pay their credit card bills online should log into their credit card account should follow the steps mentioned above.

– Once you click on your account dashboard you will find the “Make a payment” option located on the account dashboard.

– A user who wishes to do auto payment of the bill is required to enroll in online banking and then press the “Payment and Transfers” tab. Then Click on the “Enroll” button to register for auto pay feature.

Activate card

Call the customer service on 1-888-247-4080 to activate the account.

Customer service

Call 1-888-247-4080 to get to a customer care agent.