Best Savings Accounts – – Best Bank Interest Rates & Bonuses

In the world of finances, the right savings account can make your money dance.

Let’s take a journey through the top 8 savings account options available today, complete with the juicy details on interest rates and other essential tidbits about the banks.

Also, don’t forget the extra perks – new account bonuses are part of the party too.

Savings account incentives might help you earn more money by just opening a new account and satisfying certain deposit or balance requirements. Some of these bonuses are worth hundreds of dollars, so look into them if you want to boost your savings.

Pros and Cons of Savings Account Bonuses


  • Can earn a lot of cash
  • Simple requirements
  • Limit spending risk


  • Must pay taxes
  • Available for new customers only
  • Must pay taxes

SoFi Savings & Checking

Savings Account Rate: 2.00% APY with direct deposit, 1.00% APY otherwise.

Notes: A grand entrance bonus awaits you – up to $325! SoFi.  If you set up direct deposit into the combined Savings/Checking account, you could snag $50 to $300, depending on the direct deposit amount.

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There’s also an extra $25 on the table for new SoFi customers.

How to Claim the Bonus?

  • Using the URL above, go to the SoFi website.
  • Register for a new SoFi Online Savings Account. Begin your application by clicking the link above.
  • Establish direct deposit. To qualify, direct contributions must be made from your employer’s payroll or benefits program.
  • Make a deposit of $1,000 or more. Make a total qualifying direct deposit of $1,000 or more in the first 25 days to receive a $50 bonus, or a total qualifying direct deposit of $5,000 or more during that same time period to receive a $250 incentive.
  • Receive your bonus. After completing the initial 25-day term, you will receive the bonus within seven days.

Ivy Bank High-Yield Savings Account Â

Savings Account Rate: A promising 2.30% APY.

Notes: Secure your spot with a $2500 minimum deposit for account opening and an ongoing balance of $2500 to keep the interest thriving.

To open an Ivy account:

  • Start your application
  • Input your details
  • Add cash into your account.

Bask Bank:

Savings Account Rate: A competitive 2.20% APY.

Notes: The door’s open with zero fees and no minimum deposit to kick start your savings journey.

Bread Savings High-Yield Savings Account Â

Savings Account Rate: A rewarding 2.15% APY.

Notes: Begin your journey with a $100 minimum opening balance, and relish the fact that monthly maintenance fees won’t rain on your parade.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs  Â

Savings Account Rate: A solid 1.70% APY.

Notes: Enjoy a hassle-free start with no fees and no minimum deposit required to get the ball rolling.

Discover Bank Online Savings Account Â

Savings Account Rate: A sturdy 1.70% APY.

Notes: Dive in with zero fees and no minimum deposit requirement.

SmartyPig (Sallie Mae Bank

Savings Account Rate: 1.65% APY.

Notes: Smart moves here with no monthly maintenance fees to cramp your style.

Alliant Credit Union High Date Savings:

Savings Account Rate: 1.60% APY.

Notes: A $100 average daily balance lights the way to earning interest. Just remember to keep the deposits and withdrawals alive, or you might encounter a $10 inactivity fee after a year.

Also, a nod to joining Alliant Credit Union if you’re not already part of the crew.

Rates, as they say, dance to their own tune. Be sure to check out individual bank websites for the latest figures.

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There’s a savings accounts suits everyone’s pocket. From vibrant interest rates to bonus offers that make you smile, these top 8 contenders are ready to hold your money, make it grow, and give you peace of mind.

Frequently AskedQuestions

How do I get a high interest savings account?

Consumers typically earn more money with a different institution than where they do their primary banking. Online-only banks typically have the best rates. It takes about 10 minutes to open an account online. Keep a look out for costs that could eat into the larger interest payments.

What banks offer money as assign-up bonus for new accounts?

Several banks and credit unions provide cash bonuses for opening a new account. Check out our list of the greatest bank bonuses and promotions, which is updated weekly, to uncover the best chances.