How To Pick The Best Hotel Credit Card Rewards Program

Knowing how to pick the best hotel credit card is essential, as this determines whether or not you get rewards and perks on hotel stays. If you use the same brand of hotels or you are a frequent flyer, choosing the best hotel credit card helps you make the most of your hotel stays. We will take time to unveil the Best Hotel Credit Card Rewards Program.Best Hotel Credit Card Rewards Program

Here are some key factors you should look out for when choosing a hotel credit card.

Compare Sign Up Bonuses

Some hotel credit cards require that you pay a signup bonus when you spend a certain amount of money on purchases within the first three months of having the credit card. The minimum spending differs by credit card even though it is often minimal, between $1,000 and $3,000. Going by the sign up bonus of some credit cards, you’ll discover that some of these bonus fee may be equivalent to one night’s hotel stay. Thus when you choose the best hotel credit card, the Sign up helps narrow your choices.

Consider The Value Of Each Point

Points on hotel credit cards are difficult to value than other types of rewards because points are earned at different rates and because the cost of a night at the hotel varies by hotel and city. That said, the value of points can be calculated by dividing the cost of a hotel stay by the number of points needed for that stay. A good hotel credit card is one that enables you earn enough points for a hotel stay within a reasonable amount of time.

Best Hotel Credit Card Rewards Program | Don’t Worry About The Annual Fee

Most of the best hotel credit cards come with an annual fee charge. What you should do, is to get enough rewards and perks from the credit card, that would at least offset the annual fee.

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Lookout For Other Hotel Perks

Look out for other benefits like room upgrades, ability to earn elite status in the hotel’s loyalty program, complimentary breakfast, or late checkout. These perks makes your hotel stay more convenient and memorable and may not have a specific dollar amount tied to them. It won’t also hurt to have some additional non-hotel benefits, like no foreign transaction fees, complimentary credit score access, roadside assistance, purchase protection, or travel perks.

Go For A Co-Branded Hotel Credit Card

Co-branded credit cards are those affiliated with a specific hotel brand and offers a higher number of rewards on that brand’s hotels. For those who have a favorite hotel brand, it is ideal you choose that brand’s hotel credit card to maximize your rewards

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Earn Rewards On All Your Spending

Choose a card that enables you earn rewards on your other credit card purchases, which enables you work towards upgrades and free hotel stays.

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